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It is the word by which we are known or addressed to. Some of us are very careful about naming their children. If the name is good, it shows the good qualities of its bearer, and on the contrary, if the name is not good, it refers to undesired qualities of the person. This supposition is not correct all the time.
The name of a person can be "Shaker", and he is not necessarily a religious man. Other names like "loser", but its holder can be a successful person. My question, is it important to choose good names for our children?   

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Ami apnar shakhe akemat! I really agree with your logical comment. It indeed gives a push to the person's confidence. It is better to be a good one. Does your name mean flourishing? I did not know about that. My friends, Farhad, Rippon, Ahul Khair and many others teach me Bangla, but I am still very weak. Be always grateful to your parents, Tonny. remember Paradise is under the feet of one of them. Thanks again for a nice comment. I really appreciate it.

 Hi Dara, I think is important to choose no awkward names for the children, because I think the name is for all life, and some names could be  damage  the self esteem of the children. I have listened names that are so ridicoluos by example when the child is named like a superhero: "superman" "spiderman" or when the name is offensive by example "loser" that name is a big charge for the child, because he or she is exposed to bulliyng and conditioned the child to think he or she is a "loser" when it's not true. 

By other way, I'm agree with you that the most important is the person, no the name, but is important save the selfs esteem of the children. 

Muchas gracias Alejandra! Maraviloso! I really like that. You have taken the subject from different angles. The silly or the awkward names leave a bad impression on the child. He becomes frightened and complicated by his friends. If this name is going to be with you for the rest of your life,  it must be a good one. The names you have mentioned are very encouraging, such as Superman and Spiderman. The loser is a very bad name to be given to one's child. Definitely, he will be diverted from the straight track. Thanks, Alejandra for your nice words. Please, add me to send the correction for you. Thanks again. 

In my opinion, yes ! because names usually reflects one's personality , this is why some people tend to change thier names  when they grow up and know the meaning of thier names regardless of being successful or not .Thanks Dara for your useful and interesting blogs :).

Ashukr LILAH ya Samo, maleih, tamam! My Yemeni accent is not good. I hope I learn from you. Do you believe that once, a student changed his name after he reached thirty? Of course, the good name reflects the personality of the person as you referred to it in your nice comment. Thanks, Samo for that.  

it is really important to choose beautiful, meaningful and respectful names for our children. i see some people work hard to change their undesirable names when they grow. some names are giving such a bad qualities which may hurt people. Myself, i am very happy and proud of my name which is derived from reason and intellect, it means patience and careful. it is also the name of our Prophet's(peace and blessings up on him) wet nurse. 

Daba  ana kanabgi Aljazzaiyir  bizzaf. I like the name " Halima" too. The good name has a positive impact  on us. Halima, changing your name after you become an adult takes some time. Thanks, Halima for the nice comment.

That's true good name effect on your personality so parents should be conscious about this.BTW my name meaning is Gift of Allah,blessing :) I love the meaning of my name.

Mujhei tumhara nam passand hain, Anum. Me too, I like the gifts of Allah, The Almighty. Happy first ten days to Anum. May Allah bless you and your family. Parents should be cautious and good names do have that effect as you mentioned in your nice and short comment. Thanks, Anum. 

Dara I didn't consider the meaning of a name, I just picked one I liked.  But I do think it is important to not give a name that is subject to ridicule.  It doesn't always turn out like the song sang by Johnny Cash of a "Boy Named Sue".  This song suggested this name made the boy stronger and tougher because he had to fight all through his childhood because of it.  It is never fun to be the butt of jokes concerning your name.....it gets old and tiresome and it is embarrassing for the one wearing a foolishly chosen name.  

One hundred percent, I agree with you, mod. Paula. The butt of a name that drags shame on you for the rest of your life is better avoided. Random choice is not good, I suppose, I mean in choosing names for our children. As usual, succinct and obviously expressed. Thanks, moderator Paula for that. 

Yes it is important
I know someone whose father named him " a thief" ind when the boy became older and older his classmates used to make fun of him and he was about to commit suiside when he was 20 , but thanks to god someone helped him to rename himself.
So yeah choosing good name to our children is a must and i think it is sunnah


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