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It is the word by which we are known or addressed to. Some of us are very careful about naming their children. If the name is good, it shows the good qualities of its bearer, and on the contrary, if the name is not good, it refers to undesired qualities of the person. This supposition is not correct all the time.
The name of a person can be "Shaker", and he is not necessarily a religious man. Other names like "loser", but its holder can be a successful person. My question, is it important to choose good names for our children?   

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Donnobad Bet! The name that brings shame to its bearer is a big problem. As you mentioned, people will start to tease you, and you will be avoiding them most of the time. Do you know that I have students who changed their names after many years of carrying them? They are annoyed by those silly names. Then, one student went to the department of personal status and changed that name, and the rest follow suit. Thanks, Bet.       


We all should take a page from her book.

Dear A738a, Thanks for the expressive words. I am still hoping to be one of your friends. Is that possible? Thanks.

''Expressive''? Where? XD

This was started by you? I walked right into it, didn't I?

Never mind that. A738a, my offer still stands, I hope to be one of your friends. I really hope you agree. Thanks again.

Yes dara it is important to name our kids with good names.  You know there are 99 attributions to Allah (God, Bhagwan, Eieshwar etc.) and at the same time there are 99 attributions to our Prophet (May Allah's peace and mercy always be upon him).  So it is also commanded that we avoid to give  names to the our kids by those who happened to be the enemy of Islam and prophets like Phiraun, Dajjal, Pervaiz (He was Persian Emperor who torn the letter of our Prophet (Pbuh) as I remember correctly, thought you will see many people even Muslims having this name, but should be avoided), Abu Jehl (who was uncle of our prophet but his enemy at the same time), From the Attribution of Allah it is advised to adopt only those names which shows mercy, help and forgiveness.  Like you will not like to call your son as QAHHAR (the punisher of those who commit sin). Of of course you will like to call him rehman, rahim.

In the same way in other religion people also do the same, like you will find find good names like Ram (for male) and Seeta for Female.  People in Hinduism also avoid to name their children with the name of those who were enemy of their Avatars.

I think there is no one who will like to call their kids satan, or devil or Iblees. 

Meri Khuda! Nahi Mishaikh sahib! I will never name my son, Satan. Oh! God. Satan is our enemy. Satan does evil to us and he orders his children to hurt us and that is enough to avoid his evil. Mr. Mishaikh, you mean we are ordered to give our children good names. That is said by our Prophet Mohammed, (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Even his uncle's name, we are not

supposed to give it to our children. You mentioned his uncle's name 'abu jahl'. Other nations do the same. They do not give names of their enemy to their children. Some people name their children by this name "stingy" or "skimpy" to encourage him or her to be careful about his money and not to spend it, even on poor people. Some of them give the name of Iblees to show how evil he is and thus other people avoid him and fear him. I really enjoyed this informative intervention regarding naming our children.

Now, we know from this useful comment, not in Islam only, but in other religions like Christianity or Hindus, giving a good name to the child is desirable and in our religion, our Prophet, (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) commanded us to do that. Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for your useful intervention. 

Another nice blog!  


Thank you Dara. 

to tell the truth I wish people can have three names. One for the first ten years of their life the next one from 10 to 10 years after that and the last one as the final name. 

In this way, parents could call their kids with funny nice names and could enjoy it. Think how difficult is that parents call the kids as Sucrates, Aristotle or something like that. :D 

along the second 10 years of the life, the young boys or girls could choose their favorite names among superheroes, Champions, Celebrities and so on. 

and after  20 they could choose the last name based on their formed personalities. 

Anyway, I would like to introduce you a very interesting website about the names, where you can find the meaning, Frequency and other information about the names. 

Here it is : 


Khaili mumnoon doste khobame Darius! Or shall I say, genius Darius. I clicked on the link and I shall see it later. There are feminine names and masculine names. By the way, we will see what the other members have to say about your suggestion. Three names for various stages of the person's life. This reminds me of the story of that American billionaire.

I think some of the members might have heard about him. He said that anyone who owned the same name as his would be entitled to a big reward. That excludes staying in the luxurious hotels and having fun during his stay. The lucky names from all over the world came and it was a change in their life. We will hear what the readers have to say. Thank you, my dear faithful friend.

A lot of couples, relatives and parents, when one of them gives birth to a new born in the name of new and distinctive, especially if the girl is a female beloved to her parents by naming a distinctive name and has a special luster and come as a gift and gift from God Almighty

Tamam ya Ahmed2015! if the couples take some time to have a baby, and it comes after many years of waiting, they call that child or rather give that child the descriptive name. For instance, they are very happy about this child, then, they call him "Joy" or as we say in Arabic, "Farah". If the parents are poor and then a new baby is born and wealth comes to that family, then he is called "Happy". Thanks, Ahmed for your useful comment.

I think it is must and important to have a meaningful and good name for our children. This is the first gift from parents and of course many dreams, love and emotions are attached to it. Good names profound impacts on a child well into adulthood. It enhances person's confident and attitude subconsciously, after all this is an identity! When someone after asking my name, reply wow! sweet/nice name! It feels really great. Your saying is absolute Dara to some extent that, if the name is not good, it doesn't refer always to undesired qualities of a person. I am Tonny which means Flourishing. I love both my name and it's meaning. So grateful to my parents.

Thanks Dara for sharing your words. I believe name good or bad have a long lasting effect so better to choose good and meaningful one.


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