If your country were represented by food, what food would you like your country be represented by?

And same question with an animal and a flower/plant/tree.


For my country (Spain), I would pick:

A food: Spanish Omelette. Simple, nice, and... who doesn't like potatoes?! :P 

An animal: I'd like it to be the Iberian Lynx.

A plant/flower: the red carnation.

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Thanks Olga! ^_^

I already saw a Chilean representative here but I'll give my try for Chile :p

A food: A Curanto, because it has all kinds of yummy in just one dish: shellfish, pork ribs, wiener, potatoes, a kind of boiled bread and of course the broth where it was cooked. It is traditionally cooked in a hole in the ground with hot stones, but it can also be cooked in a pot.

An Animal: The long-tailed meadowlark, best known as LOICA around here. I just love how the intense red color in its chest. 

There is a beautiful story explaining how the Loica got its beautiful bosom in reward for saving a bird-hunter who hurt himself with his shotgun while trying to hunt it.

A plant/flower: Violets, because they're small and fragile but smell wonderfully nice, and they remind me a lot to my grandad garden .


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