If your country were represented by food, what food would you like your country be represented by?

And same question with an animal and a flower/plant/tree.


For my country (Spain), I would pick:

A food: Spanish Omelette. Simple, nice, and... who doesn't like potatoes?! :P 

An animal: I'd like it to be the Iberian Lynx.

A plant/flower: the red carnation.

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Hi Masha!

I am sorry, but I can't decide, because those are two different things for me "What I would like my country to be represented by" and "What I like" :D

Let me try to decide:

For my country (Ukraine), I would pick:

A food: Italian Pizza and Pasta. And Pineapple and Bananas.

An animal: I'd like to be the Jaguar, because I like their grace, skills and capabilities. (Because I don't really like those two things/angles in Iberian Lynxes' beard, otherwise I would definitely pick Iberian Lynx), Lion, Panther, Simple Cute Cat (Like in my village); Dog, just a simple dog like my Smaila (I don't like all those difficult breeds. There are many beautiful, but I am afraid, they are too picky :D) and Flying Squirrel! Maybe I have forgotten some. If I recall, I will add them later.

A flower: Here I am just a hopeless case :/ I can't decide. There are too many kinds, colors, forms and shapes of flowers and most of them are amazingly beautiful! But still there is one simple small white flower that it's name is similar to mine: Romashka. When I was young, people often used to call me like that. And we can cook a very calming and relaxing tea with a beautiful fragrance from that flower.

A plant: A tree Glycynia.

I looked for that flower, 'Romashka'; isn't that a daisy? I love daisies :)

That tree, the Glycynia, I also checked in google and is awesome! how beautiful! Is very common there? 

About the animal (jaguar?) and the food (italian pizza?) erm... Okay, try to find an animal and food that you like but that is more related to your country, ok? :P  (btw, I like the idea of Smaila being the animal to represent your country! haha)

Thanks for participating! ^_^

Yes, Masha! :)

It is a Daisy! Have you ever drink tea made from daisies?

No, it is totally uncommon here, but 2 yeas ago we bought two plants of it. Now we wait them to grow up :D

Oh, Smaila would represent Ukraine very well! :D But still I like cats more! 

Ok, let me think. Hmmmm:

The animal: Smaila

And The food: I don't like Ukrainian Borshch and Varenyky that much, to want them to represent Ukraine. And we have tomatoes here too. I guess each Ukrainian knows about "Херсонські Помідори" "The Herson Tomatoes". But in general I think, I don't have my favorite food :( except my mom's super delicious cake.

Nope, I've never tried daisies tea :/

Okay, so the food to represent Ukrania is "Roman's mom super delicious cake"!



Food... how about 'migas'? I love it. Although this is perhaps a regional dish. O.k. Paella just in case :D

Iberian lynx! That,s actually a good choice!  Another one the Iberian bull... what else! 

As for the tree I,d say the holm oak. But could be any other also.

Uhm, migas is cool! 'cause paella is rice, and rice is not really a very 'spanish' thing... and neither the potatoes of my spanish omelette :(    So yeah, good choice! A humble and very old traditional dish with history :)

Iberian bull? You mean the Spanish fighting bull that is not a 'real' breed but just a selective breeding? Estanis, don't put this topic in my face ¬¬

The Holm Oak is very nice! yeah.  And that also reminded me the Olive tree as another cool choice :)

God saves me from raising such topic with you!   Nahh... no worries, I don't like bullfighting at all.


Roma! You are such a modern guy and maybe this is the reason that you forgot about our national prides. And maybe I am too out-of-date. LOL. But I would like to introduce Ukrainian favorite things.

A food: the Chicken Kiev. The deep fried meat rolls which are made of chicken, filling with butter and greenery.

An animal/ a bird: I don't know about animals. But we have a national simbol of Ukraine. It is a stork. We can meet this bird in many ancient stories and songs.

A plant/flower: Marigolds. These beautiful flowers are too famous in our country. They are like our a national simbol too.

Thank you, dear Mary, for nice topic. It is so interesting to know different cultures arount the world.

Hi Svitlana!

I am not a modern guy :)

And yes, I have forgotten about the Chicken Kiev. But there is a reason. I guess I have never tasted a real Chicken Kiev. Because all those I tasted were not really good. And still the question is not about what represents our countries right now, but about what would we like to represent our countries.

Hello, Roma! Yes I got it.  Ukraine can be represented by these things. Why not? I don't think that our ancient simbols are worse than modern ones. 

By the way real The Chicken Kiev is really tasty. Believe me. :) 


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