If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?


In my case, they would assume that police arrested me for... being too awesome!

muahaha! XD

Okay! Probably not for that :P  

Maybe for being 'rude' when I drive and I'm late and all the slowest drivers are on my way...

I've short temper while driving :(

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:D I would like to see you swearing while driving! 

But I still think, because of the first reason! I wonder how they haven't arrested you yet. :P

My dad would think that I beat someone too much.

My mom would think that I am not guilty, no matter what.

My friends... damn, I guess everyone would think that I have beaten someone too much, while defending someone or trying to establish justice. Although I am too peaceful person.

Well, I don't really swear using 'bad/dirty' words... I'm more creative than that :P
And I don't yell to anyone either, I just say it to myself with the car's windows closed... So that's why it's not really probably to be caught by police for that neither :/  

Oh, moms... they are too nice :D

So you 'establish justice'... Super Roman? :/

No :) I didn't yet.

Okay, tell me, what would you think?

I'd assume you were arrested for abuse of clumsiness, so police had to lock you in an empty cell isolated for you not to hurt yourself...

xD But please pay attention, that they would had to let me out free very soon (in the same day) because of my extremely kind and calm behavior.

Ohh.. sorry but no one would believe that. All who knows me also know that I'm a blameless being. 

Yeah, poor innocent Estanis :P

That's what prisoners always reply when they are asked why they were locked :D

So true.

Mary, hahaha! I like not only your discussion but also your replies that are better than some comments! Let's see what you will reply to mine! LOL!

If I were arrested, other might think:

a) MY WIFE, "He oversped again trying to catch up with a pretty girl driving like crazy as he wanted to flirt with her. I will never release him on a penny bail!".

b) MY FRIENDS, "He oversped again to prevent such a great girl from getting into a crash at the sharp turn! We will pay as much as we have to release him!"

c) MY COUSIN BROTHER, A LAWYER, "I will never pay a penny to release him! He swore at our president again! He abused Mr. President in public! My cousin brother has to be punished at last!"

Hahaha! Great ideas, dear! A lot of thanks! Unfortunately, I can't upload the last picture where "I" swear at the president. I will try again! LOL!

d) EC MEMBERS: "Danny went crazy 'cause of all the grammar mistakes made by the EC Members and he was caught by police running drunk and naked in the street... But probably that was also an excuse to escape from a hell ruled by puppies."

I hope you like my reply! ;)  

Btw, I don't like your cousin brother :((

ROFL!!!!!!!! :D

AHAHAHAHAHHAAH! I don't want to seem banal and obvious, but I guess the first option xD

Roman, I think Mary's option is the best! ROLF!


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