How can u define such concept  , through ur own experience  . Let's  all here share our informations and stories  

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The concept of this quote is not clear to me.  Does it me that one should prefer his/her mental health (peace of mind), leaving behind putting in abeyance all the works mentioned in the quote. You can drop lunch, meeting family dinner, the soccer game, the grocery run. But how one can drop interview, (especially job interview, and test (exams). 

Hello, Sir. 

Please do share your valuable opinions with us. Mental health is a very vast topic.

I personally look forward to reading your comments on it.


Being aware of and realizing this, works perfectly fine for my mental health. Generally I just like to surround myself with persons who do not represent what I have written below.

Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.

Be careful who you trust. If someone will discuss others with you, they will discuss you with others. People who feel intimidated by you talk bad about you.

You don't ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. If a person disregards your feelings, ignores your boundaries and continues to treat you in a harmful way, they just need to go.

And the most important one;
The way to raise the energy is by having the guts to expose bullshit and disrespect for what they truly are. Sometimes, reacting is your best defense. Don’t stay silent. Don’t pretend it’s nothing. Don’t be afraid to be a bad person. Don’t be afraid to reveal weakness. Speak up. Don’t be afraid to swear. Don’t be afraid to call a whining little ....... by its name. Standing up for yourself doesn't drop the energy: it prevents it from dropping.

Good discussion...,

       Thanks for sharing ur view point dear Evangeline  . U are absolutely right we should be careful when we are among people and it's our own responsibility to defend our selves  , because  there are many people who may cause us pain on purpose 

Hello, Rosemary. 
I was thinking about starting this discussion myself today.. but you beat me to it. :) Mental health.. OH! there is so much that I wanna talk and share about this. 
I will later! I got caught ! My 2 y/o nephew wants to  take over my laptop ! LOL

      I am looking forward to see ur words here dear Ward and :)

Hello again my dear, Rosemary. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and meaningful quotes. Indeed people with mental illness are strong.
Through my personal experiences, I have realized that many people do not understand the importance of mental health and some even shy away from sharing their mental health issues. Because the society look down upon mentally disturbed people. One could be depressed and they’d call them psycho. I was!
I have learnt (the hard way) to not talk about it with just anybody..
just because you care about them doesn’t mean they will too. So... We must protect ourselves & I know how important it is to spread mental health awareness, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of our health.
I personally believe that just like one can get physically tired.. similarly one can get mentally tired. And everyone at some point in their life do get mentally disturbed.
It’s all about knowing and asking the right people for help. One should always feel comfortable talking to family about such problems. It’s up to parents to create such environment in their homes. It all comes back to point 0, not many people understand the importance of mental health issues. And it’s pretty much neglected .. where I come from.
And thank you.. For starting such amazing discussion. :)

      I have immersed myself in  reading a book  about mental health written by a specialist from this field  . He did explain things in a simple way  , I will try to abbreviate them for u here  ......,

1/ Every person should have his limits and boundaries for each relationship 

        One should decide who to keep close and who to keep far 

2/ Ending a situation or an event  , most of mental illness are caused by the inability to end an experience  , specially if it is bad or harmful . People tend to live the pain again and again until they destroy themselves  . To overcome such a dilemma they must 

            A/ Go back to the person who caused them pains and confront him 

            B/ Go to a psychologist  to help him 

            C/ Forgive others and more over help them , which  is a higher level of humanity 

       When we forgive others we mercy ourselves from reliving the pains 

       3/ Unconditional love and acceptance is the cure for all our suffering  :) 

       4/ Most  people  live and act according to their interior world they reflects what they have inside of them .....

         5/ Don't be a victim for any one  , don't be an opressor , and don't be a savior  . Just be ur self and move away from drama  :) :) :)

Thank you, Rosemary. For sharing this with us. Do you mind telling what’s this book called? I’d love to read it too. :)


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