Hey there! 

I have a question guys and according to your traditions and society answer it then with your point of view.. :)

As a man, can you marry a woman who is elder than you? 

Also,  as a woman, can you marry a man who is younger than you?


What are the things that you will focus on them to overcome this point for accepting this marriage? 

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Hi Judy!

According to our (Ukrainian) traditions and society, I can marry a woman, who is elder than me.

I think, there are no restrictions in our society and traditions about that.

But even if there were any restrictions, if I would like to do that, I would do that no matter what. I would go to another county if it would be needed.

That's great so you do wgat you want no matter what place is :)

Just to luve with the one whom you live and like.. But here in my society it's acceptable but not tgat much. ..Gossips are everywhere !

Thanks Roman for ur comment^^

Hi Judy,

Gossips are everywhere even if you marry to the man who is older than you. It can be so many other things to gossip, for them who like gossiping. We just need to take it easy and do self correction every time. That's how life goes.

You are right :))))

Roman, what about if she is not like you mentally.. Like she can take decisions better than than yours??

Then it is even better! :)

I don't understand your "Note"

Hey Roman, 

I meant what are the things that you will be interested in ur partner to ignore the age if you do care the number of age

Feel of humor, open-mindedness, curiosity and naughtiness :)

Hi Judy,

There is no restriction about that. However, you should prepare and ready to handle everything after marriage. Just that. :) Why?

Normally, woman is more mature at the same age with man, but not always. (I hope no men will raise to ask equality. lol) It also depends on the experience of life of both of them. 

It's just my opinion, because I haven't married yet. I may not know much. ^^

Thank you for this discussion.

Lol neither me I'm  not married that is why we still taking lessons from this life..

But the question is

Do you think you will be equal mentally cuz he us younger than you??  If it's not will you marry him? 

Hi _Judy, it all depends on both parnters. Sometimes younger man is more mature than his woman. It is not measured by the number of years. I know many people with difference in age...Some couples are VERY happy and they've been married for lots of years. Some couples are divorced already. And the marriages where woman is older than a man...actually do not differ from the ones that are considered to be normal )))

Though, personally I would not get married with a man younger than me. But it is because of my own preference, and it has nothing to do with people's prejudice.



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