Hey there! 

I have a question guys and according to your traditions and society answer it then with your point of view.. :)

As a man, can you marry a woman who is elder than you? 

Also,  as a woman, can you marry a man who is younger than you?


What are the things that you will focus on them to overcome this point for accepting this marriage? 

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Yeah sure it depends on the couples themselves and their lives as well.. 

Not all the cases will be successful or failed...each marriage has its own positive and negative sides.. 

But i have a question here for you.. 

You've mentioned above that you know some cases.. Through what you know.. 

what are the reasons behind the marriages that are successful...and the same thing for those who are divorced??

I think this is all about personality. If the man is younger, but he is respectful, responsible, has good values and they love each other...the age will not matter. And there are so many divorced couples..where the woman is younger but there are no values. 

Our family friends are one of those where the wife is 12 years older than her husband. They have been happily married for 24 years. The other couple where wife is 6 years younger..are divorced. Each family is another world...who knows why with some people it works..with others not? All depends on us )

Yesss that's why we are afraid from the destiny in all cases... It depends on us... On our attitudes.... So on

Thanks Olga:))

hey judy 

at first in love and marriage forget traditions as u can

the most important thing here is understanding if they have the amity they can overcome anything  

I'm not sure to say that maturity is not the same thing with mental. It's probably about the demeanor. 

However, my answer is.... That's not about old in whole conditions, but as long as he can be a leader for me. :) Hope that answer your question. :)

A leader for me... that's what we need and want :))

A nice saying Onee, thanks for your comment ^^

I don't get it... what's the problem to overcome??

Hey Estanis, 

I mean if you find this kind of marriage difficult, so what are the things that you look for to accept it? 

Sandra's answer expresses perfectly what I meant Judy :)

Cool :)

Hello Judy :)

I don't mind age but his personality, intelligence, values, etc.... In fact, I had a bf younger than me. 

In Chile, we can marry whoever we want, regardless of age. Also, we can live with our bf/gf and start a family.



Hey Sandra :)

Yeah I can see but some societies refuse this kind of marriage with the difference in age. In spite of the couples' understanding, gossiping will follow them..

But the problem is if there is a difficulty on understanding each other while they love each other a lot.. Here what's your opinion in this case.. Shall they risk and get married?? 

I would be happy to know your opinion ^^

Thanks for your comment :)


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