The use of Marijuana for personal use as well as for medicinal purposes are tolerated in some countries such as the Netherlands and some states in the USA. Canada is also planning to legalize it. 

Do you think Marijuana or Cannabis plant should be legalized for recreational purposes? Why? Please state your rational answer as much as possible. Thank you.

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   I don't have any experience,  when it comes to use drugs . According  to my Islamic teachings anything that cause the humans to lose their minds is prohibited and a big sinful action . In my culture we are accountable for keeping our mental and physical states in good condition  but doesn't  mean that all people follow  these warnings  . We have problems  related to drug abuse as any  other societies.  

      However  , I remember discussing this matter  with a mental ill person  , who complained to me from the side effects  of chemical medicine on her health   . She have said to me  : why don't the government  legitimate the use of some herbs for medical  cases  as me  . I can't sleep and chemical medicines  are destroying  my health   , another  case  was of a blood cancer patient  my friend  told me about  . She said that he was given epium at his last moments  , because  the pains of cancer is unbearable  . 

      That's  what I have about this topic  . I think if it can be used for medical  conditions only to reduce  people sufferings  . Why not ? ! 

Hi, Rosemary!

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about this topic. We are responsible for our own safety and health so it's very important that we are aware to what we consume or put in our bodies. Medicinal plants are also popular in my country. I have some in my garden that I can use for simple aches such as aloe vera, hibiscus, yellow ginger and turmeric. 

Marijuana use and cultivation are illegal in my country. There are some organization that are appealing to the government to legalize it strictly for medicinal purposes. But the health department is against about its legalization.

Have a healthy and fun week!


Hello Robbie,

Such a good topic this one. 

As many people know I'm a nurse and my job involves traditional medicine. But there're other ways of alternative medicine that I agree with. In this case is Marijuana, which analgesic effects could work in many patients. So I'm for the legalization of these plants for health issues but not for lucrative bussiness.

Hi, Glee!

Thanks a lot for your response! It's nice to know you're a health professional. Traditional medicine is a great alternative for people who are dealing with minor to severe illnesses. It means that they have the option to try what works for them.

Have a lovely week!


 Of course not for recreational purposes! But, yes for health related issues. This herb is used for treating unbearable pain and for  some other reasons, though I am not that much aware of it, I mean in which cases it is used accept unbearable  pain. But, I am totally against its use for recreational purpose. I can see and I do know how people specially young people are addicted to it how they suffer and what and how many problems they and their families have to bear....not only this but also these people would be addicted to some other drugs sooner or later! 

Hi, Bet!

More thanks for your clever answer! Drug addiction is a serious problem in many countries. It's like a menace. It destroys the user and the people around him or her. I think the cooperation of everyone is essential to the protection of our youth as well as the community.

Have an enjoyable week!


Stop spamming this site!

Hi Robbie! 

I think the countries where it's legalised are not specially famous for having its prisons crowded. Perhaps forbidden things attracts more. In the Netherlands prostitution it,s also legal, they pay their taxes like any other business.

Good topic! :)

Hi, Estanis!

You are right. Some prisons here in the Philippines are really crowded already. I'm surprised that drug addiction is still a problem although the Duterte administration has done strict actions to combat the menace. By the way, I didn't know prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. The only one I know of is Las Vegas.. :)

Thank you for sharing your opinion! Have a blessed week!




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