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Lying is a bad habit and it does not belong to the good manners of the person in dealing with the others. In order to mislead them intentionally, he or she gives a false statement. Some might say, it is a white lie. It does not hurt anyone.

People lie for different reasons. To cover someone they know or someone they love. By the way, who lies more, men or women?              


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Both dara in their capacity.

I tried to be a true person, but when I entered in my job life and became a employee under some superiors, I found myself lying on the command of the superiors.  Whenever I extended truth from me, I was heavily scolded, so I kept lying.

Was their any choice for me? 

Main samjgiya, Urat ziyada jude bola. The same goes for us here. I try to balance things. Our boss gives orders and they must be carried out. We have to give false statements to satisfy him and that lessens a lot from our characters. Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for your first useful comment.

LOL, Mishaikh..... Reading your confession made me laugh.

I prefer to keep silent for important things. Since it was in the past, you don't need to worry. You can do better now. ^^

hello Dara  I think nobody can escape from laying ever. Unfortunately, It is a habit that has no control at all. When we see around us the whole world is lying and keep lying till end.

Oh my Goodness! Why the pessimistic idea, Ocean? Mr. Mishaikh referred to the situation of his work, me too. What will happen if we tell the truth and avoid false or cheating manners? Sometimes we do not have to lie and we do it. I do not know, why?   Thanks, Ocean for your point of view.    

Whi lies more? That is deped on their thoughts and atributes. They are different to one another. So, we cant find that who lies more, men or women..☺

Vanakkam Keshala! You mean it is a matter of thinking! I am not sure about this, Keshala, but once a person was given three options, stealing, lying, and committing another crime. Did you know what that man chose? He thought that stealing could harm the victim and so the other crime, but he thought that lying is the easiest way of them all. He chose to lie. Thanks, Keshala for your comment.

who....i do not know....

Qioyn Bet? You have to know. You are a great lady and thanks to God, you have a husband too. Am I right? Nevertheless, thanks Bet for your comment.

You can't label a personal trait according to gender . Because , certain personal traits develop under certain conditions and can be contributed to many a different factors . As it for " lying " it happens for 2 reasons from my personal prospective . The first is related to the child upbringing . So , if a child is raised up by strict parents who used to punish him / her without giving them enough time to discuss things with them or accept them as they are . They will start telling lies to escape the punishment and will get use to it by time . Here " lying " represent the lack of love , acceptance and security . On the other hand , there are those people with the dark triade personal trait . Who were born with this genetic defect or we can call them " human Devils " Psychopathic , narcissistic and others . Who use " lying " for controlling , manipulating and reaching their own goals in the dirtiest ways

Mashaa Allah alaik ya Rosemary, daiman tamam! Your answers go directly to the core of the subject and it gives it its full analysis. First, we lie because of our good or bad upbringing. We lie to avoid a problem. We lie to cover up for something. In my opinion, if you lie to escape something, it is less than lying to hurt someone else. Either this way or that, changing the truth or giving false information to bend the right way is considered a big crime. Thanks, Rosemary for your nice intervention. I really like it.

  :) Your Welcome  , thanks for your nice discussion as well :) 


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