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I suppose. In my family,i'm the only one whose really interested into this stuff ^^ (I just recently got into it deeper though) It gives me some idea on how to deal with some people(in the past,i don't give a damn much about Astrology.. then after i got hooked i began to understand a bit more about my ex turned friend Virgo guy,I think if i have known more about astrology beforehand I would have dealt with his "cold and detached demeanor" better during the relationship,but it's fine now since i'm over him and since i have a better understand about his sign i learn to accept it) In my family,i'm the only Fire sign(I grew up around Water sign people! Cancer and Scorpio.. and my mother is LibraScorpio cusp lol no wonder i felt like an outcast even before i don't know much about Astrology and i was labeled as "Black sheep"too and people tend to be surprise if they find out I'm a i think i need to learn how to unleash my inner Lioness more XD) 

On the side note,i want to meet others from the other two fire signs as well ^^ (the only ones i know are my fellow Lions like my cousin)even if in Aries's case..i'm a little worried about their temper.

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Life is so boring without learn something new :)
Without any aim
A good relationship with GOD!


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