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Great quote, Mishaikh. Thanks for sharing it with us.

We shouldn't have anything to regret when we wake up in the mornings.
The life isn't easy, but worthy to be lived. Don't waste it!
Everything we do has an impact on others.
Treat people with respect, pay attention to our environment, we should appreciate what we have.
Don't waste your time with people who don't treat you right.
Everything that happens has its reason and purpose.
It's up to us to take the chances that life offers.
If something changes your life, don't cry.
Change makes our life interesting, thrilling and challenging.
Standstill is boring.
Nothing in life is guaranteed, but everything is possible.
Just have a positive attitude towards life.
Life is short. Enjoy life, and you will take only great pictures with your camera of life.

Wow, Rose! If you're really living up to this... hats off!!

I regret many things... almost every morning... lol


Lol, NotAClue.

I did not say I live up to this. I am not perfect. Perfection is boring. I live with my limits and mistakes but I never regret anything because what doesn't kills me makes me strong.

Well, I still believe without regret there is no learning... but maybe I'm wrong. ;-)

Greetings, Rose! :-)

There is always a lesson. When you says "Maybe I'm wrong," you have learned.

Thanks Rose, these all are wisdom quotes.

waooooo....I did not think in this way..


Thanks bet, you know you do think that way, because you have a viewpoint of what you see around you.

Wise saying, dear Mishaikh. But unfortunately our camera is getting older day by day and we can't exchange it to up-to-date one.

You are right Svitlana our should always be at ahead.


Great quote!

Optimism should be there in every mind.

Thanks Onee.


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