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I think one of the ways to relax your stress and difficulties in your life is to laugh loudly.... try it then tell me about your feelings, afterwards. I've tried it once, and I will try it again because you couldn't imagine the feelings that you've had after finishing.So post your experience here and let's discuss it .   

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One time I made my dad's cousin to laugh. But apparently he had a stomachache due to some stomach flu, so it was pretty bad experience to him. Therefore I want to say: It's not always good to laugh. ^_^

I remember this so well, because later I got his flu too, and it was like hell how bad.

Does that mean that the underpants of your dad's cousin turned brown?? XD 

Eeewww :/

Often I laugh with my brothers about some silly things. Sometimes it is amazingly silly and stupid, but it is impossible to stop laughing. :D

:) again :):)


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