Have you ever heard this quote... ?
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

What do you think about it?
Bad or good idea?
What reasons could speak for or against this statement? 

I'm curious what you've got to say, guys. ;-)

>>>Edit  Speaking about real life and really bad people here, guys.

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Hi Nota :D!
That quote is from a movie I love: The Godfather.

Well ... honestly, I'm too "hippie" to have enemies (also, too nerd lol)
But if I have problems with someone, I just keep my distance.
I'm better at ignoring people than thinking about taking revenge on them...Plus, I cannot dissimulate when I don't like something or someone. So yep, I think is not a good idea.


Hey, Purple, many thanks for your answer. :-D *hippie rules* :-))) 

What about real bad people? Have you ever been threatened? Have you ever had visits from people who tried to intimidate you? To keep quiet.. to look away... to not testify in court? 
Speaking about real life here! 

Oh, no!... fortunately, never!
What about you?

Yep, I know this very well.

I'm sorry!  
I have no idea what I should say ... :/

    Sorry  , I have rushed quickly  to write my point of view without reading the whole discussion   . Animosity   is difficult  to handel and might need a group  help to stop 

        As they say " what doesn't  breaks you  , will strengthen  you " 

          I wish you the best my friend 

Thank you so much for your reply, Rosemary!
Yes, my mistake, I didn't mention in the beginning that I'm talking about real life here. I'll amend the post later. - Help from a group, yeah, sounds good. People can do much more when they work together with good intention. :-)) 

>>>As they say " what doesn't  breaks you  , will strengthen  you " 

Yes, this is true to some point, but very often people just lose their confidence, power and hope. Well, that's my point of view anyway. Thank you for your good wishes, dear. :-)

Many thanks for your answer, Fecroc. 

>>I try not to hate people around me. I never consider the ones who dislike me are my enemy....
I don't either. :-/

I think Keeping enemies close is a bad idea in general as they might ruin your optimism and mood.

Well...in contrast, I would do that only if it is necessary, Having high possibility of something bad happened to me or my family.

The quote sound good if one can follow that without feeling uncomfortable as the person could always know what his/her enemies would think about things.

Hi, pint! :-) Very good point! What about the risk for family and friends... This is so often the reason people are frightened and even easier to intimidate. :( 

Many thanks for your input. :-) 

Let me share my opinion, dear NotAClue.
Of course we are all know what means to keep our friends close. We should value real friendship and care of our close friends.
About our enemies. "To keep closer them", I think, it means to be cautious with enemies and be always ready for their bad actions. Actually, the best way to live calm and happy is not to have enemies at all. ))) But life is life. It is impossible to be good for all people.
Good topic, dear. Thank you.

Hello, dear Svitlana, I think you are right, friendship is a gift, and we shouldn't take it for granted, and really care for our friends! :-) Well, sometimes enemies just show up in life, they don't care about your happiness. Again, I'm speaking about real life, and actually bad people (criminals). 

Many thanks for your thoughts, dear. :-) 


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