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Dear All ,

I know that you are fed up with the rotten and typical way of cramming the words in our minds but look below and you will never regret:

Have you heard with a word called UNI? even me i did not!. The previous segment called prefix, whic is attached  at the begging of the root. 


Uni+form              Uni+corn            Uni+sex      Uni+ted ...............

conclusionaly, uni is a prefix means one, single or shared, united. 

uniform:it is a dress worn by the guard,students, steward, pilot or even employees...

Unicorn: An animal  it has a one horn.so, this is why called unicorn...

Unisex: it means for both sex(gender)

Unisex logo

united, unique,  universal, and so on. i hope that you have had captured something. at lesat one prefix allows you to guess 10 words and more. start to scratch your dead and rain over ne with your commentsssssssss................

Best Regards,


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Its really nice of u to come again,,,,, thanks !!

yeah its really two words but even if its not separable. you can do it by yourself to break it down in favor of making the words easier to be known and familiar!




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