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If you won a million pound lottery, what would like to do first & second?


As for me, I won't give up my current job, but,

1. I would like to have an Audio Studio or a little musical theatre or musical coffee shop with a small stage - for the live music (Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Classic Guitar).

2. I would like to have a world trip once for all.

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i want to go to around the world. First, I will visit malaysia, singapore, japan, india. and than go to aussie, and continuing my trip go to france, amsterdam, england, Imagine one day i visit many countries in the world. i will bring my mom and drop her to buying many thing.

Don't be stangy Wirati,


Take me with you.......


just kidding.......



; )

If I won a million pound lottery, I would divide it into three parts.

In the first place, I will save one-third of it in a back. Global economy is unstable. It’s unreasonable to invest all cash in stocks, bonds, and funds, especially for me, who don’t know about investment at all. Even though interest rate of a bank is very low, it’s safer for my money.

Secondly, I will share one-third of it with my family. Sharing money with them can express my appreciation and gratitude to them. Moreover, I hope my family can have a better life just like me.

Finally, I will make use of the rest to carry out my dream to travel all over the world. I love to experience different cultures. It’s a good chance to fulfill the exciting dream.

i would definitely travel. Then i'd probably set up or help support current organizations promoting education for children because i believe a good educational background is one of the most important things. although i confess i wasn't a serious student before, i realize it gives you leverage to make life a whole lot easier ;)

Hi James Shin

In my opinion, it is better to be realistic. If we hope to win a million pound lottery but that won't happen to us then we feel very depressed.

if this ii  happend  with me  i m sure  that  the 1st i ii regain  consciousness

That’s a quite hypothetical situation but surely I am getting delighted just by assuming it. The first thing that I would do after winning jackpot is hardcore party and world tour. Secondly, I would think about investment.


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