Hi everyone,

Sometimes, I was bothered by some thoughts about love. :))))

Well, have you ever loved someone blindly? Some melancholic lovers said "I will fall in love when I get the chemistry with him/her". And if it happens, then you will do anything for him/her. All things even if it is out of your principle.

It's fine if you'll be a better person, but what if you love someone who drives you into the deep well? You know that some are bad things to do but you can't handle it. So, you're still in love with him/her and most probably getting into the deepest well or canyon. :)))

The BIG question is If love is blind, would you change your good principles?. One should be able to differentiate between good and bad, and good should win. :)

Thank you so much for your participation in the discussion. 

Have a great Sunday! :)))

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Hi Vicky,

Thank you so much for participating in this discussion. 

Yeah, IF that happens, it's pretty harmful, isn't it? Maybe we should find a way to control the feeling. :)

Thank you once again for your reply. :)

Sometimes, yes. Even if i knew that she couldn't change her attitudes and behavior, I loved her

Hi Syah Roni!

Well, that is love and we can't change anyone unless they realize themselves. We just hope that it's not out of our good principles. Maybe being a good example is one of he answers.

So many thanks for participating in the discussion. :)

Dear SNR,

I agree with your opinion in the first paragraph.

When I read the next paragraph, I don't know why, but I feel some experiences here. ^^ *kidding.

Surely, they could be. But, I guess both you and I can control those feelings and emotions, inshaAllah. :) 

THANK YOU so much for participating in this discussion.


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