Hi everyone,

Sometimes, I was bothered by some thoughts about love. :))))

Well, have you ever loved someone blindly? Some melancholic lovers said "I will fall in love when I get the chemistry with him/her". And if it happens, then you will do anything for him/her. All things even if it is out of your principle.

It's fine if you'll be a better person, but what if you love someone who drives you into the deep well? You know that some are bad things to do but you can't handle it. So, you're still in love with him/her and most probably getting into the deepest well or canyon. :)))

The BIG question is If love is blind, would you change your good principles?. One should be able to differentiate between good and bad, and good should win. :)

Thank you so much for your participation in the discussion. 

Have a great Sunday! :)))

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It happens with people who are not mature.  Mature people do not believe in 'blind love'.  But sometimes people also fall in love without any reason.

I hope you have read my blogged poem "I love you for no reason'. It explains a lot.

Thanks for sharing blog on evergreen topic......LOVE.

Mishaikh, :)

Yes. I'm sure about that. Mature person won't let themselves go into the deep well. 

Well, if somebody loves anybody for no reason, it seems that reasons would be found out after time passed or it would just be scattered in to the sky flowing with the wind blows. lol. However, it is okay if it doesn't change one's good principle/habit/character, in my opinion. :)

Btw, give me the link relates to the blog, please. It's not easy to find a blog in the list of 400 blogs. lol.

Thank you so much for your nice words and sharing your valuable view about love. Sure, you'll see more topic on love on my next blogs, God's willing. ^_^

Thank you for sharing the link, Mishaikh. I guess he really loved the victim ^^ and would change his life to be better. 

One more thing I would say here: "If one decides to be a good person, then actually s/he is a good one from the start. S/he was just walking in wrong path for sometime to understand everything"

Thank you once again for your reply. :)

Dear Onee-chan.

Blind love can catch anyone. When people are in love they are not able to think well and their hearts take control totally. So, It is hard to judge what is good and what is bad. But I don't think blind love can live forever.

Dear Svitlana,

lol. I like your all expressions. ^^ Yes, yes, it happens sometimes. It's hard to judge what is good and what is bad when one is falling in love.

And, I really love the last sentence. I absolutely agree if blind love won't last forever, this is important thing and is exactly how I feel. :)

You put a balanced comment here. So many thanks for your precious reply. ^^

My pleasure, dear Onee.

Also, I would like to add. Sooner or later You will know your beloved better and when the love is real It will bring your happiness. Otherwise, no need to regret about anything. 

Thank you for adding some important notes, dear Svitlana.

Hope that would be a good lesson for everyone of us if we were ever caught by blind love. :)

Hope your days filled with happiness! :)

You are welcome, dear Onee.

Warmest wishes to you too! :)


if one cannot change the person  and ones  own  peace of mind is at stake  ...its  best to let go . 

if  the person  is  kind then  the spouse  will any way stand  beside  Its a stress  if  the other  person is selfish   and  unreliable ...

Dear Nadira,

Wow! That's pretty great advice, Ma'am. You analyzed this case very deeply. I agree that one should find the peace of mind eventually. Some people somehow learned through experiences. In other words, be yourself, be honest to yourself! 

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to share your opinion about blind love. ^_^


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