I have a pet peeve. Every day when I walk my son to school, there is one house on our block with two cars running in the driveway. This went on all winter, and is now going on in the spring. 

In the winter, people use remote starters to warm up their cars from the comforts of their homes. This makes their cars warm and cozy when they get inside. This also pollutes the air! (I have no idea what the purpose is of warming up a car in the spring.)

Idling is actually illegal in my region, but I have never seen someone get a ticket for it. The air pollution from the car that is running with nobody in it, is heartbreaking to me. It also sets a bad example for children. I have seen many children pass by this driveway and wait for the car to reverse. Kids assume the driver is in the car since it is running.

I am tempted to write a letter and mail it to this homeowner or renter. Do you think I should?

Is idling allowed in your country? What is your pet peeve?

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In this day and age, I am not comfortable confronting someone who I do not know in this way. I wish I could. This takes place a few streets away from mine. And, I would not want to put my children in any danger. 

If a random stranger threw a piece of trash on the ground in front of me, I would say something (or pick it up). Actually, last year, two children did this on the way to school. They threw their juice box containers on someone's lawn. They were walking with their dad! I picked up the trash, ran after the family, and told them that they dropped something. They were embarrassed. Hopefully it stopped them from doing it again.

Those ads are annoying. I think they may also be illegal here. Sometimes people (squeegee kids) also try to wash your windshield at a traffic light. I have mixed feelings about this. They are trying to make a living, but I don't think they should touch other people's cars. 

What is pet peeve? And, so far I know in my country idling of a car is not a common thing as we are in a sub-tropical country. we don't need remote control to warm up our cars.

A "pet peeve" is something that personally bothers you a lot (it may not bother other people). In other words, it drives you up the wall.

My pet peeve is those people sitting near me on the bus who yell into their mobile phones!

I have some choice words I use to describe these people, but I won't print them here because I might get into hot water.

As I writer, I have to admit that I love these people. I have found such interesting stories from people who use their mobile phones as if they are in a private room. 

Hi Tara, I'm sure you have and probably so would I. But as I live in China, and I have no idea what the one-sided communication is about!


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