I have a pet peeve. Every day when I walk my son to school, there is one house on our block with two cars running in the driveway. This went on all winter, and is now going on in the spring. 

In the winter, people use remote starters to warm up their cars from the comforts of their homes. This makes their cars warm and cozy when they get inside. This also pollutes the air! (I have no idea what the purpose is of warming up a car in the spring.)

Idling is actually illegal in my region, but I have never seen someone get a ticket for it. The air pollution from the car that is running with nobody in it, is heartbreaking to me. It also sets a bad example for children. I have seen many children pass by this driveway and wait for the car to reverse. Kids assume the driver is in the car since it is running.

I am tempted to write a letter and mail it to this homeowner or renter. Do you think I should?

Is idling allowed in your country? What is your pet peeve?

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Hello Tara, I think you should report to autorithies, because it´s illegal; I don´t think writing a letter to the homeowner is a good idea, you don´t know how he will react.

I don´t know if idling is illegal in my country, but I´m sure that people and autorithies in Colombia don´t care about this situation.

About my pet peeve, I really get angry when someone throws garbage in the street, unfortunately this happens often in my city.

Have a good day.

We had a community clean for Earth Day in my neighbourhood. It was great to see so many families cleaning up our parks and lawns. My son thinks we should do a little clean up every day on garbage day when all of the waste gets blown around. 

Your topic really caught my attention. I feel like commenting something on this interesting topic.

Since the scientists have enlisted the music in pollutant list, it has been much easier for me to define it more explicitly. Besides it, I still remember the days when due to a loud noise of music from my neighbors, I used to feel distracted a lot while preparing for my exam.

Music listeners are those people who themselves neither do anything nor let other do anything. Thus, they commit double crime if idling is illegal.

In short, my pet peeve is music.

I'm with you on this! In my old age, I have difficulty tolerating my neighbour's (or own family's) loud music.

Hi tara,
If the idling is illegal in your country, you have to make a complaint, because usually the tenant of any house does not care about the neighbors, all he cares about is to enjoy as much as possible.
But if you knew the owner of the house, it's best to speak with him to resolve the problem peacefully.
If you do not know the owner of the house, you also have to send him a letter before submitting the complaint, because that owner is your real neighbor forever.
Idling is allowed in my country. My pet peeve is all which lacking morality, especially the noise and lack of hygiene.
Greetings to you, Thanks for Sharing.


Your quote by Lloyd Shearer is meaningless in this situation. Idling cars in Tara's region are illegal. On that basis alone, Tara has a right to complain.

As well, children are confused as to what is going on. Perhaps the driver of next idling car decides to move onto the road as the children walk by...

And of course it is harmful. All exhaust fumes are harmful.


1. Tara clearly states that idling is illegal. So is or isn't it?

2. You don't have to enforce it: that's up to the local authorities, surely.

3. If "fellow citizens" are abusing my rights, I have no qualms about sorting them out.

In my city it is illegal (three minutes or less). I live in a suburb of Toronto. This resident has two cars running the whole time I walk my kid to school and back. It takes at least ten minutes for me to pass the house twice. 

Are you sure it is not harming anyone? If it is not harming anyone, then why would I mind? 

I have observed in USA people doing it IN WINTER, but it is must, otherwise you have to sit in your car and wait for 10-15 minute. On the contrary, they do come out in the freezing temperature, start their vehicle and went back for getting ready and have a simple breakfast.

This is a myth. You do not need to wait for your car to warm up before you drive it. You do need to clear your windows, and I admit to turning my car on sometimes before I scrape my windows. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/12/29/the-bigg...

You should let them know that they're not allowed to do this since idling is illegal in your region. Why bother to write a letter or mail while you can let them know in person? You could wait for the driver to open the car door and be caught off guard. You would say something like this "I was wondering if you knew idling is illegal here? Kids were watching.". Hopefully, you'll never have the peeve again. 

Unfortunately, idling is allowed here (where I live) or at least not illegal. I even thought about buying such a remote starter since the winter here can be so harsh, too. 

My pet peeve is the ads on the windscreen of my car. 


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