I want to get rid of this abusive person. Plz Help.

Here is a guy constantly sending me abusing messages in my profile. I have already reported against him but the fact is that he is writing in Bengali and Google translate has no such meaning of Bengali native vulgar words. Someone has told me that Admin will not react if he doesn't sure about the meaning of that messages it is really vulgar or not and has suggested me to take off my account and making a new account with a disguised country name (I don't think it is a good solution). If so, then Admin should investigate the meaning with others who belong to Bangladesh and active member of EC. Why should I take off my account afraid of someone ugly mentality person? Do you think so? Please, suggest me if you have better solutions.

I do want to ask Mr. Josef If it is possible here to make such option in MyEC which would help us to make people blocked like as Facebook? So that, they can’t send us any unwanted text in our profile.

And I really want to get rid of that person without changing my default account.

I want to mention that this guy has more than one account in EC and some of his accounts has banned before. The name of his accounts are now "masum", "shadow" and the banned account was "JP TP", "ETJ", "Williams". I'm sure about his several IDs because he sent me same vulgar messages from these mentioned IDs.

Here I added some screenshot of his vulgar messages which I took lately & maximum I had deleted before without taking a screenshot because I did avoid that until it is now intolerable to me.

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Hi Oporazita, 
I'm sorry to hear that. You are in a very unpleasant situation. The only way at the moment (without changes from admin side) would be to set your profile to private. 

Go to 'My Settings' --> 'Privacy' --> 

My profile page and friends can be viewed by...
-Just My Friends

Make sure he isn't in your friend list anymore!

Hope that helps for now.

Hi NotAClue,

Yes, It was unpleasant. I didn't want to set my profile private but thank you for the suggestion. Its solved now :)) Hugs!

I think he is the same guy who previously having different IDs, and then got deleted from here.  He was also from the same region.  I think you can block him from his main page.  There is an option  provided on the left side of the page.

This is English learning site, and its motive is English Only.  If a member is persistently other languages than English (and especially for teasing some one) the Admin should pay attention on the complaint and remove their account. 

You are right Mishaikh. But the option you said that is only for block messages, I had already applied that. Now it's solved unless he comes back. Thank you :)


Unfortunately, we can't prove that he could have different accounts but in any case, to write in other language here that is not english and to show all that spam in your wall is more than a proof and reason to suspend that guy. To report him youself explaining and showing what you do here it should have been enough for that, but if nothing changed, you should have written a personal message to moderators or directly to the admin, and i'm sure they'd have helped you. 

I also think that is not you who should change anything in your account if you don't want to; you didn't do anything wrong and you don't have to change your default account just because there's a moron bothering you. 

Btw, you could share a link to that guy profile so maybe we can help you to report him.

Also, don't delete the messages of that guy so that can be used as evidence to suspend him.

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for all of your useful suggestions. You are right, I should had given his profile link. I'll remember all of your suggestions next time if it happens again :))

Hi Oporazita, you made the first step and I am sure you receive help.

Btw, if you wanted to report straight to admins and Site founder there is a short manual how to do right above the MyEC logo on the right side.

You see. lots of options to get rid of such dumbasses.

Thank you, Zivi :)

Sorry to hear that, Oporazita! I hope that situation can be resolved soon... 

What a pity... there are many weird people  around here like this ridiculous guy!

Don't take off your account for a while, just try to ignore him until the admn solve the problem...

Best wishes!

Thank you, nan :)

Hello everyone :)

Thank you for all of your good suggestions & sorry for my late replying as here is my weekend today I'm little busy.

I think Admin did react in my report and has banned that person because I can't see him more. Thank you so much Admin and all of you. But I'm afraid that person will appear with a new ID and will start to do the same dirty things again as he has been doing this since long time with different IDs.

I hope Adim will create a block button here not only for block messages but also for block person.


Don't worry, let him come back. He will be treated equally.


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