I love to challenge my writing by write blogs .I always do that but some of my friends told me that my grammar is not good (and I get that they mean my grammar is awful :-P) I knew that already .

actually I have never studied grammar ..I tried a few weeks ago to start reading but I CANT PUT THE RULES IN MY MIND .when I wanna start speaking according what I learnt about grammar ..after a while i figure out WOW I am just thinking how to speak ,OMG I even forgot to what I wanted to say :-( OMG I have feeling such I do not know even a word in English ...

Now friends could you please share me the way that you learnt grammar and speaking to gather ,how could it possible to think about rules and speak ?:-( LOL another truth is I always speak according Persian grammar in English and worse then that I always write my blogs according Persian grammar not all of them but most of that ;))))

Thanks for your help :D 

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puffff :D Okay 

Another good approach for improving grammar is by listening to a lot of English conversation. Some of my students are now listening to some American Television drama or comedy programs every week. It is possible to stream some programs that are from earlier years for no cost. Free is always good. It is also possible to find some of these with English subtitles included. That way you can listen and read the words that you didn't understand.

It isn't the same as living in an English speaking country, but if you did this for an hour every day you would get a better idea for what sounds normal as far as sentence construction.  Children learn grammar and language by listening but still need to be told a few rules and corrected on occasion. Try to search on the web including key words like subtitles and also see this story from JapanToday: http://www.japantoday.com/category/entertainment/view/world-watches... 

Maybe some TV would be helpful if it is in English and of course if it is done legally.

Dear Mr.Bob :D 

Wish me the best in my study and I will be the best English speaker that you have ever seen :D 

besides I wanna learn French too :D 

learning english is my hubby :D 

I love English : )))

Thanks for the advice :)

This is really a good suggestion of Bob, you must follow this lead.


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