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I love to challenge my writing by write blogs .I always do that but some of my friends told me that my grammar is not good (and I get that they mean my grammar is awful :-P) I knew that already .

actually I have never studied grammar ..I tried a few weeks ago to start reading but I CANT PUT THE RULES IN MY MIND .when I wanna start speaking according what I learnt about grammar ..after a while i figure out WOW I am just thinking how to speak ,OMG I even forgot to what I wanted to say :-( OMG I have feeling such I do not know even a word in English ...

Now friends could you please share me the way that you learnt grammar and speaking to gather ,how could it possible to think about rules and speak ?:-( LOL another truth is I always speak according Persian grammar in English and worse then that I always write my blogs according Persian grammar not all of them but most of that ;))))

Thanks for your help :D 

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Well, my English grammar is horrendous. LOL. So I can't help you in that matter. But, I think writing in English helps a lot. We tend to observe the grammar rules more diligently when we start writing. Therefore, you're on the right track. Don't be discouraged. :-)

COME ON PISHY ,YOU GRAMMAR AND YOUR ENGLISH IS GREAT WHY DO YOU THINK LIKE THAT ..my eyes are like this O.O and my mouth is like this :O when I saw you said my grammar is horrendous...

LOL hope I will be better ..my main problem is tens and i always asked all people but did not understand what they said ,,,,

Thanks for ur comment and thanks for your care :-*

Well Sima, believed me when I said my grammar is sucks. LOL. But I found out that since I'm writing blogs, I'm observing more on my grammar. I think it will come to you sooner or later, especially when you keep on writing. You will notice some patterns that you never notice before. 


lol I wanna have joke with u pishy ..but I admire your English specially when you write some blogs and I cant understand :D


Helloooo!!! Sima, my advice for your grammar learning is to learn vocabulary, between five to ten words each day, then practice writing small sentences applying basic grammar rules. THINK and WRITE in English.


 Elias Echevers dear hello 

How are you ?

Yes this is good way for learning :D basic grammar rules I hope it can help me by tense ...

again thanks a lot :)))))

hi sima

your grammar is not awful as you think, it's  good, but if you need to practice morem first of all i suggest you to go to a english language forum, doesnt matter what are they talking about, economy, military, art or ... by looking to people comments and posts there and reading them you can understand many points of grammar rules and new words and also phrases. and you can reply there and join to their conversation and you can use your knowledge and practice there.

at second you can buy some grammar books as "grammar in use" or grammar books of oxford.

you never can memorize the rules and then use them easily in your talk. the best way is what i said in my first suggestions and beside it read those books.

how are you? :) Long time no see

 Iranic  LOL a friend from  Iran :D

Long time no see Iranic where have you been ? In Iran ? :D 

Thanks for your advice ...

for your first one i have to say that here I have learnt a lot ..from comment and all people here ..

but sometimes I feel that ,here and other site can help you but not make your English perfect.

I have lots of grammar books but when I start to read them my yawing starts the same time ..

Thanks a lot for your advice ...

Hey how are you again :-P

Hi Sima,

I like the way you put your question. 

My tips would be:

1.Only learn one grammar rule in a row. Once a rule has been fully grasped, you can try learning another rule. By "grasped", I mean connections between brain, tongue, hands and keyboard have been properly trained. It's not only a matter of knowledge, it's a matter of practice.

2. Only learn grammar rules as problem solvers, not as trouble makers. I mean, when you're tired of making the same type of mistake, go to the rule and apply it. Grammar that helps us is very easy to understand, contrary to grammar that bothers. 

See you.

Fenestral I love the way that you start your comment and what a wonderful one ..

but LOL I have a little problem to understanding the first solution but I guess you mean practice   :-P  your english is great :DDD

about second I TOTALLY  agree with you but I really have problem in verb and how and when do i have to use them :-( 

Hope to see you one day and chat with u a bout it ...

Thanks again for your wonderful advice :))))

Hi Sima

Some of your sentences are influenced by your first language such as

when I wanna start speaking according what I learnt about grammar (I think you mean using not according)

when starting to speak and using the grammar I have learned.

Now friends could you please share me the way that you learnt grammar and speaking to gather.

could you share with me how you learned grammar and speaking.

This is not a problem with you personally it is just your first language interference.  You tend to make the sentence too complicated.

T Mal  my dearest teacher hello 

the funny is that I have never though these two sentence be wrong and according my language ..

maybe automatically I wanna make them complicated and I have not figured out it ..

Thanks for your nice comment dear ,Thanks for helping in EC to me and all members :D

See you ! 


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