How would you keep sane with all the negative news?

Do you like watching news or read papers every day? Well, it's a good practice to improve our English skills, right? Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to ignore some sensational news even when you try to choose a good or inspiring one.

Sometimes you feel alarmed with the endless drastic news such as illegal drugs, animal cruelty, terrorism, deadly gun-shootings, wars and not to mention viruses that spread like wildfires.

In your opinion or experience, how do you cope to have a blissful time when these issues are always surrounding us? Please share your rational thoughts below. Thanks!

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great inform

I like watching News and read papers every day but in my language, so it does not come to use for English.
It is happening continuously around the world, watching such drastic news make my mind numb and drive me crazy. how much I try to allow myself to ignore and not responded to them emotionally but failed? The ability to manage emotions and remain calm under this circumstance is very difficult for me.

What can I do.. only can observe, absorb and have to learn cope up. 

Good topic, Robbie. Lately after so many terrorist atacks here in Europe, I am kinda scared of checking news. Media play big role and if they decided not to spread such news, I am sure there would be less atacks all around the world because they wouldn't be in the center of attention.. however, it will never happen :/
Yes, good topic Robbie. Actually I'm filled up since time ago with national and international negative news, that's why I decided to switch off the tv set while having lunch or dinner or maybe watching The Simpsons haha...
I like to be updated but too much information even change my mood.

@ Serene

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic.

Hola Estanis!

What a clever answer! Sitcoms such as The Simpson's could make us forget the world's problem. Sometimes when I'm fed up with the news, I switch to cooking shows which are more interesting because they provide information about food, culture and people.

Thank you for your comment, Amigo!  :)

@ Lucinka

It's so sad that some media outfits could sensationalize a news for profit or to attract attention. In addition, the social media could sometimes make it bigger because of instant sharing of opinion. Maybe we should learn to choose what news to watch wisely.

Thank you for answering this discussion. Keep safe! :)

@ Mehboob Akhtar

You didn't answer the question. Anyway thanks! :)

Dear Robbie, Very good topic. We all know that the emotional content of news and programs can affect our psychological health. It may direct affect on our behavior and thinking. Negative news always gets more attention. There are lot of bad and sad things happen in the world and its our rights to know them as well. People more anxious then ever before.

I like to watch the news before I leave in the morning. Mostly to find out local weather and traffic conditions. Evenings I watch all the news. I can tell some of the news is affecting me.

Thank you dear Robbie.

Dear Robbie, It's really annoying for me listening to the news because as you know once in a blue moon there is some good news. The news is always about attacking, injuring, killing, killing and again more killing. A teenage boy killed 15 people with gun or a man burst a place with a bomb and killed innocent kids and women and men. Oh my God! hearing these news and not being able to do anything derives me crazy. Sometimes when i see beautiful faces of kids who are suffering due to war makes me so upset. That's why I'd rather not listening to news.

Thanks for the good topic!

Yeah, it always bothers me to listen to the news! Why? Because most of them are bad ones! The top news nowadays goes around war and terrorism. So most of the time, I do not listen to the news. I think it is needed to know what happens around us, but you can hear it everywhere in the society, no need to seek for the news! 

To keep on track, while many bad news are there, you should keep a good news in your mind! And this good news is that God is the greatest power, and he witnesses all the cruelties. He is just letting us do what we want. Though many times, He stops mankind not to ruin everything. He helps us with many bad situations, though we are the one who is responsible for that. Let's try to take the responsibility of our bad deeds, and hope for a white peaceful day when all cruelties are over and God gives everyone their true right!

Hi Robbie,

That's very relevant to our country right now. Everyday we are bombarded by drug related killings news. Well I keep myself informed but I don't watch too much news. I spend more time reading with positive, good vibes topics on the net. Topic like minimalism, frugality,simple living those I enjoy and want to focus on. Thanks, Robbie. Enjoy your weekend!


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