Hello guys,

let's start this psychological research ;)

We live in hectic era which brings stress into our life. I would be thankful to all of you - if you share here:

1. What do you do when you are stressed (if you freak out or if you can ignore it etc.)

2. How do you fight against stress? Do you have any special ways or techniques? What does help you?

Thanks for sharing your experiences in advance and maybe you might help others by adding your comment ;)

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hahaa.. well for me - don't laugh - is the best to stare at nowhere and turn off my brain - I mean when I come home from work :D To have boss like you..no wonder you wanna kill :D hire Roman to take care of her :D thanx for participating btw ;)

And how can I take care of Glee's boss? How do you imagine that?


I thought you know some "Ukrainian style" how to get rid of people :D hahaaa

Then I can cook some "Borsch" or "Compote" for Glee's boss:) But I don't think that she will change:)

My experiences r not so good, because i can't beat my stresses, may be listening music helps a little...My teacher of hystory in at school recommend us to drink vodka, she said its a huge antidepression pill, the best which created in this world. She looked absolutely happy, even had really stressful life.
Pearlochkaaa :D

thanx for you answer and yes yessss vodka beats the stress..you see it even rhymes :D anyway, when it is too much..it is the best to have some shots and tadaaa the very next day you feel much more better :D
Go somewhere where isn't anyone and shout as loud as you can until you get tired and you can't feel anything.
travel or go to the gym

I find your topic very interesting because many can relate into it; students, professionals, mothers singles even teenagers from this site. We can't escape stress once in a while we'll go through it, from simple things to complicated ones like research, reports deadlines, work relationships etc. On my part the mot effective routine I do specially when I am stressed is to do YOGA. When I was searching about the food best for my blood type i run through an exercise that suits my blood type which is Yoga since according to the article too much strenuous activities don't fit in +A blood type people. I followed it and then I found out the beauty of Yoga. Yoga makes me feel calm and relax after doing it. It releases tension and negativity anxiety in my body and brain. So, that's it. Yoga is one of my technique that I can share with everybody that 's been very effective for me in fighting stress. Hope this can help :) Thank you

1. When I'm stressed I try to get out of problems, when I Cant, I be mad, Cause I dont have strong mind to keep in control, but Its too difficult to leave me stressed.

2.  My weapon against strees is Running, I put a song playing in my Mobile and run, its like a ritual to me, in the same time I take care my body I also care my mind!

Hi guys as for as stress is concerned i would like to put forward some of few lines which i follow and do it when i get stressed by anything either from our office or home chores, i try to be calm and be as if i don't concern anything i try to keep my mind from getting any stress or tension as a result all of my body stay in normal temperature and pulse rate as well. stress can't bring any good thing but increasing our b.p and pulse rate. it is harmful to our body all we have to leave on our fortune, as much as it is written by our God neither we can get more than that nor get less than it. God bless u all.

Once when I was afraid of the interview and all the talking to strangers process my career advisor recommends me to start doing yoga and try different breathing technics so I could to calm down, feel relaxed and more confident. And it truly helps me a lot. It was a few years ago and now, with my co-workers, we do yoga even at work, it has become my hobby.  It's an opportunity to switch off work and refresh yourself. Besides, it may help to make contact with your colleagues (especially helpful if you're a newbie) and may boost your career

1)It depends on the "kind" of stress, actually. If I got stressed by something at my job, or a difficult situation I kind of freak out. I just shiver and stutter and freeze. I'm super unreliable in any kind of situation that means stressing out.
Apart from that I just got stressed by the rush of everyday. I'm not so good at dealing with people, and of course everybody has their own bunch of issues, isn't?  

2) I try to cope with stressful situations by just moving forward. Rationalize what are the best options and decide on one to follow, as calm as possible. 
To cope with my day to day stress I like to be alone for a while, listening to music and coloring drawings. The more aggressive the music, the more soothing.


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