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Hello guys,

let's start this psychological research ;)

We live in hectic era which brings stress into our life. I would be thankful to all of you - if you share here:

1. What do you do when you are stressed (if you freak out or if you can ignore it etc.)

2. How do you fight against stress? Do you have any special ways or techniques? What does help you?

Thanks for sharing your experiences in advance and maybe you might help others by adding your comment ;)

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When i feel stressed, i listen to music and sing loudly sometimes, sometimes i just go to sleep with music on.

when I feel stress, I mostly will do some sport like jogging, swimming etc. After sweat, I will feel better

Hello, just found this blog. I am going to share my answers :

1. When things stress me out, I get rid of the crowd and being alone. I tell myself a ton of advice, read motivational books or articles to reinforce my soul. If everything does not work out, then I go on vacation straight away to a peaceful place and pray in silence.

2. How do I fight against stress? Basically, I'll try to sort my things out well before it stresses me out. But the thing doesn't always go smoothly. So, when I am at my worst down on my knees I will back to point 1:)

Thanks for bringing up an intriguing topic to be discussed. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I totally agree with your 1st point, get out of the crowd and going on vacation can very helpful to say stress-free.

Eat cake wii help?

Hello Luci,

You correctly said we live in the hectic era, most of us are feeling stress one or other reason. All have other reason for stress, i.e working people have work-related stress, students have study-related stress. however, it's not a question why one feels it but question how to overcome it. 

Here I would like to share my thought about how to decrease stress to some extent.

1. Music is a great healer. one can listen to music where they feel tensioned.

2. Walk on the river bank or garden with friends or family member and share problem can also reduce stress.

3. Play with kids also helps to reduce.


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