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Hello guys,

let's start this psychological research ;)

We live in hectic era which brings stress into our life. I would be thankful to all of you - if you share here:

1. What do you do when you are stressed (if you freak out or if you can ignore it etc.)

2. How do you fight against stress? Do you have any special ways or techniques? What does help you?

Thanks for sharing your experiences in advance and maybe you might help others by adding your comment ;)

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I will have my honest answer. ;) But, you may just read that. :p

1) When I am stressed? I pray more.. I'm sure you know, praying to God. ;)

2) How to against stress? I dzikr more, reciting the name of Allah, praising Him, and ask for forgiveness.

However,,, I'll say that your stress will get reduced by giving valuable things to others (being helpful). Other things.....Need more sleeps (at least 7 hours a day), and more talking to people. :))

Onee...each of us has own methods, so if praying helps you - it is ofc ok ;)
I do agree that sleeping is important because when we lack it we tend to be distracted, might feel lonely, not understood etc. - which leads to huge stress... sharing own problems might also help as others can give us advice or it just simply help to be hear out.
Thank you for participating and I wish you..
No Stress :)
Thanks for the wish. :))))

Say no to Stress! :D

erm... dunno if I'm allowed to say what I do about this in this site... I better follow the advice of your previous discussion keeping myself 'nice and cute' XD

Btw, I think you posted by mistake this discussion in the category "Introduce Yourself *smiley*" 

Hello Lucinka! I don't know what I do when I am stressed... It disappears itself... But one thing I know that it is not good to eat tons of sweet food or soda... Because it can overcome only the consequences... not the cause of stress! Maybe I will pay attention next time when I will get a stress...

MARY, if you don't know if you can say that here, you can cover all the letters of that word with "*****", except first letter.

oh! I had forgotten that technique that I can't share here!

I read the habits and sexual behaviour of dung beetles of the Saharian desert...

Looking forward to better options.


Hahahaha! I'll try that technique some time to see if it works! 

Oh, yes. Luci. This is not a place for this discussion. :D Soon will be deleted by Admin just like the previous cases, if they notice. :D

I don't think it can be deleted, it's clearly just made by mistake :/

It can be fixed very easy just editing the discussion and changing the category


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