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I want to ask about this question: How much should we learn about Grammar? Since it has many subjects to learn about and sometimes it makes beginners feel overwhelmed and desperate in which part they should start to learn grammar. Tenses, parts of speech, etc. Can anyone make a list contains which parts of Grammar that beginners should really understand? 

For example, Is it important for a beginner to really understand parts of speech? 

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In my opinion, beginners shouldn't be forced to learn grammar, but should be learning it in a natural way by reading and listening to easy-to-understand English.

...although what I've been through is completely opposite to that! In secondary and high school, we were taught all about grammar and vocabulary. But fortunately I didn't get discouraged because of that like many friends of mine. It wasn't until I started studying in university that I began to read and listen to understandable English and found it a wonderful way of learning the language.

But in response to your example question, something basic like parts of speech should be understood by beginners, I think. I hope this question will be noticed by English teachers on EC and they will help you :)

I  can not agree more with Ha Nguyen.  Beginners should not be forced to learn grammatical rules, but these might be acquired in a natural way through using the language.

I don't agree with you Ha Nguyen ... because without grammar we can't understand what we read ... in addition to that we can't make a right sentence or even express what we want to say

of course it isn't a necessity to study advance English grammar but you should know at lesat the basic grammar

because in my experiment ... I know some friend who can use English aswell as they want but they know just a littl about grammar

and fore me i'm so good in English grammar but unfortunately i still can't use it as well as I want...

because I study English in a privat school and they teach us just grammar

(full of grammar)

I think practice language is the best way to study it

good look for all ...

learn grammar is boring to learn English, it's awful way to learn English

i agree with you Ha Nguyen :)

i knew that American's children didn't learn grammar first, all of them learning listening from them parent. And then when they can understand the meaning of dialogue, they repeat that. Beginners should be the same American's children.

because, when u can understandable you can speak. And u can practice your English through reading, listening. It's really real way to learn English. learn grammar is a final step to in learn English

i am out of idea, but i think, the beginers should not learn grammar structure! because, grammar makes them become so confused in learning engish, like vietnamese language, we learn grammar when we speak it fluently, so english is in the same, the beginees should study english like a baby, listen, listen more, repeat , repeat more until we found out that we can speak very simple sentences!! when we can speak it automatically without thinking,  we start to learn gramar aspect!

Correct, know the actual vietnamese alphabet was invented by Portugueses and learned by Frenches.

Hi Ario

I agree totally with Dr. Mufid and Ha Nguyen.

Here in Thailand grammar makes up about 75% of English studies at school.

For me "Speak Grammar - no speak English".

I am sure this will upset many people, but particularly where shyness is part of the culture, the last thing a student needs is to "Have to !" think about grammar as well.

As Dr. Mufid says "Pick it ( grammar ) up as you go along".

Even text books here contain numerous mistakes in grammar, as well as using both English English and American  English in the same book.

I believe knowing how and when to use a word is more important in the beginning than grammar.

Good luck with your studies.


@Ha Nguyen, Dr. Mufid, Ian

Hi, thanks for all of your opinions. I'm wondering about which parts of grammars that are essential for us to understand English. But, I do agree with you all. Honestly, I'm struggling to understand some grammar terms and only familiar with practical sides of English.

I think ...


active and passive voise


phrasal verbs

and some expressions .... are the most essential for learning English

I think grammar is the backbone of any language .Building a good and understandable sentence acquires a good grammar and of course, the parts of speech and the correct  tense is very important to make our spoken and written  language clear enough .

1- The ability to  use the correct forms will come not from knowing the rules but from wide and careful reading .Knowing the rules is one thing ,being able to apply them is another .

2-Grammar in contexts and examples is the best way :

Learners who use the correct grammar will not simply know the rules only ,they have met so many examples that they instinctively use the correct forms .

So, we can't say that one part of grammar is more important than the other ...Let's study the language as a whole ..read and listen more and more ....in this way we will improve a good language and sense its beauty .

Thank you for rising such an important issue!

I am fully agree with you Wade. Without grammar any language couldn't speak properly. I think first of all learn about grammar and after focus on rest part of the language.


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