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Let me know...how did you learn English for first time?

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 Immerse yourself in English culture. Start watching American or any English-speaking soap operas, surround yourself with English speakers, Learn sentence structures and replace words in that sentence with words and keep doing this until you learn how to do this with all types of sentences. Then improve your vocabulary by purchasing an English dictionary and study it like a holy book. Rosetta Stone is nice but expensive. It does the same thing as hanging around fluent English speakers, it gives you a picture and the English way to say it. There is no written translation. It also gives you sentences and how to replace them with other words. Sentence structures. This is how us humans naturally learn our first language, but this can easily be assembled through online work and dedication. This is how everyone learns their first language and the easiest way to do it. Many people, like in third world countries, merely learned English by the mass amount of tourists that spoke English around them. Similar to the Spanish word "Hola" , the French "Bonjour" and the Japanese "Sayounara" we hear so many people say it, but there is never any literal translation, we create our own correct translation by the situations they are used in. Humans do this without even trying, as it is human nature to learn languages like this. I watch Taiwanese dramas, and seeing words i do not recognize, but with visuals i do, i learn the word. In addition I like to read classic literature and articles about it like 


Thank you"Stasy Walker" for information.

Hi Mr.FaridAhmad!

To be honest, first time I learned English was from listening and memorizing a song. I like singing, so that I write many lyrics of the song in two books. I just threw the book into the dustbin last month. :D Remembering it made me smile a lot. The rest I only followed what was taught in the school. It was when I was a sixth grader.

Thank you for your interesting discussion. :)

Hi Onee-chan!

Thank you for comment and helping me.

While Agreeing with Stasy Walker's advice I would like to say in the briefest, "Fall in love with language!".

So you tell me brief.....hhhhhhh


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