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How Can We Overcome Shyness And Get Better In English Speaking Skill?

I think the first, we have to get more vocabularies, then we can gain self-confident in speak. But we always forget all new words after short time not use it. So how we can use it frequently in life to never forget it?

Hope to learn from your experiences and precious opinion for this subject.


I want to say Deeply Thanks for all your contributes to fulfill this discussion. I wish summarize all lesson from your comments to some important point: from the most important to the second and the rest of all...

1) Listening :

   -Easy materials English (fairy tales, short stories) : learn in natural way like native kids.

   -English Songs : listen to get familiar with common phrases.

2) Speaking : by some ways:

   -Read out loud: new words you pick, short news, 

   -Singing : practice accent, and memorize common phrases.

   -Record your voice : revise mistakes by listening again.

3) Reading:  Any thing you feel like and summarize what you read in your conversation and discussion.

4) Writing : 

   - Chatting with friends.

   - Every time you write, focus on proper grammar and punctuation at all time.

   - Hard work with grammar.


** Find the reason why do you want to be fluent in English speaking

** Keep up positive attitude in learning.

** not to be afraid make mistakes.

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Oh, Sir, Don't point at me with your finger! I'll speak English! hehehehehe...just kidding

We should know if we want to speak English, we should get over our shyness, otherwise we won't be able to speak in English and how to get over it, what I did was I found good friends here and when you find friends, it's easier to practice your speaking because when you speak with them, you totally forget you are speaking in English and you more focus on what you are going to say, so, this was a good thing for me. 

Then, to gain confidence, we can read out loud. When you read out loud, you'll be able to speak better when you are speaking with other people. Another good way to practice speaking is singing. If you sing English songs, you probably have better accent and more fluent in English. 

Besides, you can read some English stories and try to summarize what you read in your speaking. These all are good way to learn English speaking. Hope it helps. 

Above all, the attitude is important. We should keep speaking even if we make mistakes. Hence, positive attitude helps us more to speak better.

Have a fantastic time,

Hi Nafis, 

At first, please receive from me my deep gratitude about your all helpful advice. 

The first lesson I gain from your comment that is "Summarize what I read .."

That is:

- Speak English with friends

- Read out loud..

- Singing... (This is my hobby :P  thought all songs i can't quite understand... I will keep on it)

- Reading and summarize all in speaking.

*** Positive attitude in learning even if make mistakes.

Ya, I will notes all in my heart and do it. Thanks again Nafis. Hope to learn more from you. 

Happy day!

P.S: This pic above is mine in the mirror....hahaha...:P

If you want help with singing, check out all of the videos on MyEC that come with lyrics (most are songs). This will help you understand the song better. Keep in mind that not all song lyrics use perfect English.

Here is another fun way to practice vocabulary

Dear teacher Tara,

I'm really glad and happy to have your comment in my discussion. Thank you so much for you recomment about  all of the videos on MyEC that come with lyrics and  practice vocabulary. I found it very helpful for me. I will try on it. 

I hope to learn more from you dear Teacher. I wish best wishes for you.



listening and practice writing also help.

Yes, absolutely! :)

what if the grammar is wrong, is it possible to speak in wrong grammar?

Hi nuraa01, Thanks for dropping by and leave your comment

So sorry for not noticed your comment. here is my opinion

Wrong grammar  in speaking is easier to be accepted than writing, as long as the listener can understand your mean. :)

After gaining so many advice from friends, I think, we just keep speaking, we will be corrected by friends and by yourself after long time keep practicing.

But, it doesn't mean that grammar is not important. we need to study it and control in every skills.

Hi there...:):):) If you wanna become more confident of course you have got to get more vocabularies, but you have got to get it on the right way...learning phrases not word by word...It works...:):):)LEARN PHRASES NOT WORD BY WORD...:):):) If you learn phrases you will learn English faster for sure :) ok...I am gonna HIT THE HAY NOW ;):):):) read out loud, or shout out loud while you read is ok...but I think the more important thing is LISTENING :):):):)well because you need to learn in NATRURAL WAY like as native kids...:):):)you should listen easy english audio or video material....and listening must be your main goal, not writing or reading...that will come later...:)You can find a lot of easy english material...google it...and you will find fairy tales or audio books for kids, try it, it will be interesting...:):):):)of course I am none native speaker and I am talking about my personal experience :):):) In my case it WORKS :):):):) have a nice day or night guys...see you soon :):):)greatings from Serbia :)DO NOT BE SHY...:)WAKE UP AND GET A LOT OF POSITIVE ENERGY FIND IT...FIND THE REASON WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE FLUENT IN ENGHLISH...AND YOU WILL LEARN IT BETTER:):):):)and IF YOU WANNA SPEAK FORGET GRAMMAR RULES...DO NOT THINK ABOUT GRAMMAR...LISTENING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT:):):):)

I believe that maybe you must to think differently..I mean, I don't know you, but there's always a thing that I don't do right..So what to do to enhance? Pratice, pratice..and pratice. There's my way.
Nafis, told a lot of advices about it.
My contribuition for your doubt: I believe that the first step you already did...
About your question..I'll use Nafis words again :)
You wanna know how to use words in english and never forget it. How can you forget your friends? If you do true friends, a true friendship..you'll always can talk with them..and never forget it.
Another tip, but this one is more expensive:) Travel!!! :)

Dear Ednardo,

I’m grateful for having you as a friend! you always beside me and encourage me.

ya, practice, practice, practice... that's the best way we have to do in all my life to improve ourself about all side... Many thanks for your nice words with true friendship. ya, I always cherish it  in my heart.  :)

Have relax time dear.

I have the same problem ..

I'm trying to memorize the vocabulary by listening but sometimes it doesn't help me ( the vocabulary ) I can not recall it to my mind when i'm speaking .. 

I read what Nafis and Ednardo said , it can help .. 

thank you Scarlett :) 


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