Hello friends!

I really wish you can help me to find the appropriate word.. It expresses these four pictures and can be formed by the suggested letters.

Thanks in advance!

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    The man with the mic . Today is an important  victory  for us all " he is delivering a speech to the company  staff  . 

    The woman is the long sleeves T _ shirt is saying : come and enjoy our comfortable furniture  , we are able to make smile at first sight  . She is making an advertisement  for a magazine  or something  . 

The other woman is saying : Hi to her family through Skype  or Facebook   . Because  she study abroad  

    The young man is surprising  his girl friend  with a flower bouquet and want to propose  to her sooner or later 

     If you want to describe it in another way just tell me 

Hhhhh... One word describes all those picture.. One words please:)

    Mmmmm one words will be  "  moments  " :D

No.. there is no "m" or "n" or "o" in the list of letters :(

Thank you for trying :)

The word representing these 4 pics is GESTURE

Yes! Thank you Mishaikh! Actually the word gesture is new for me.. I thought maybe it's a synonymous word to sign but since I don't know that word it was difficult to guess it.. Thanks for help again! :)


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