Hello, everyone. My name is Tam. I am from Japan. I join in EC to improve my English and communicate with people in other countries. I write about Japan and things I am interested in. I want to know various opinions in the world, so I welcome your comments on my blog.

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Hi, Onee-chan. Nice to meet you, too. :D

Thank you for your concern. I am okay, but about 200 people died.

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you, too.

Hi~Tam. I'm glad to meet you here. I want to know about Japanese culture also. can you introduce about your country, if you have free time. i've been to Japan only one time. I heard that too many people were suffered from the flood damage in your country. Are you okay?  In the furture, I will enticipate your writing.  Let's meet here frequently. Thank you for your article.

Hi, Jeong Hojin. Nice to meet you and thank you for your concern about the flood damage in Japan. I am okay. I wrote some topics about Japan in my blogs in EC, so I will be glad if you enjoy reading them.

Okay, I will read your another topics also. 


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