Hello, everyone. My name is Tam. I am from Japan. I join in EC to improve my English and communicate with people in other countries. I write about Japan and things I am interested in. I want to know various opinions in the world, so I welcome your comments on my blog.

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      Hi  Tam  :) one  of the most extraordinary  features  about the English Club  , is offering and faciliting  the meeting of many people from different  cultures  , faiths  , races , colors and social background  in one cyber land to learn English through communicating online .  An idea that me and many others are grateful  for  . 

           Here , I met many wonderful  people from all around  the world  , many of them are very educated and smart  .

       I admit that I have learned a lot from them  . I like to read and comment  post photos  and videos   . 

       Honestly  , many here are positive and doing their best to help others  .

       Let's us thank  Mr . Joseph  and all the moderators   for all their hard work that made the English Club  our cyber home or utopia  as bright  call it 

Hi, Rosemary. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. People who join in EC can share their thoughts and discuss various things in English. It enriches our lives.

Hey Tam

I like your blogs and it's nice that you feel like being more active here; I 'welcome' that! :)

Hi, Mary. Thank you for your comment. Yes, this is because I improved my English writing skills a bit, probably. :D

Hi Tam!

Nice to meet you! :)

Keep writing!

Hi, Roman. Nice to meet you, too. :D

Yes, I keep writing. You keep writing, too.

Deal! :)

Nice to meet you Tam.  It is really nice to meet people from all over the world and learn from other cultures!!! I am eager to learn more about Japanese culture and other interesting topics!  Have a great day!

Hi, Janeth. Nice to meet you, too. Yes, it is very nice. I am glad that you are interested in Japanese culture and my topics.

Hi Tam,

Nice to meet you too ! On EC, I want to learn English and mainly to improve my English.

If I can do it when I meet people in all over the world, it's top.

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

Hi, Siafu. Nice to meet you , too. Yes, it is very nice.

Hi Tam!

Nice to see you around! :)

I hope everything is okay with you in Japan.

Sorry to hear the flooding disaster. Hope it will subside and be fixed. :(


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