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How do you call the copybook in your country, where children write down hometasks from different lessons?

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Hi Olga,

Mm...I don't get it. Writing book? Task book? :))

Thank you!)))

homework book, workbook, note book and work sheet.

  It's  the " work book  " in KSA 

Hi Olga,

Thanks for the interesting question you are asking.

In my region, we call that children's school homework's book is " Diary".

We used to call it " Diary" where we have different subjects and each one has a specific column or space to write lessons or the topics of the Subject.


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May I know how do you call that homework book in your country?

Thank you for your answer!!!!!! In my country, in Russia, we also call it "diary".

Hi Olga, I hope it's not too late. In my country Colombia it is called cuaderno  for example cuaderno de geografia or cuaderno de historia

In Germany, we call it homework notebook.

It is called homework in my country actually follows the rule of english speaking countries.

Could you help me?

Please check this article and write what do you think 



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