I met one of my friends  , and as all women on the earth  usually  do  . We both talked  in almost everything  . I asked her  . How she manges her social life . She answered  me smiling  . I am a hedghog  :)  mmmm that is the whole style  of me dealing with  others   . Haven't  u heard  of it !? They say that in a cold wintery night  . A group of hedgehogs  were lost in a forest  . They gathered in a circle  so that  , they dont get frozen  . There thistles entwined  and they screamed out of pain .After , dismantling  their bodies   , they came up with this style  , they approached  each other  leaving empty spaces between  each one and another  . Thus , they will feel cozy  , survive  without hurting  each other with their sharp pointed thistles  , and u know what ? I found  that their style is applicable  for me . So , when it comes to people  around me  . I am not exceedingly  that close  nor that far . It is wise sometimes  to keep limits between  u and other people  but keep  ur relation with them at the same time  . :) 


               My dear friends  of the English Club   . What about ur ways  , style , skills  , methods  or personal  stories  of handling  ur social life :) :) :) 

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Hi Rosemary! Hedgehog style is very good! Your friend is wise! As for me, I don't know what I am doing:) I don't know if I have any style or skills. But in most cases I am peaceful and I don't like fights or intense discussions.

Ah, one more thing. As I am not fluent in english, I like to answer the questions more than to ask the questions:) Especially if I know the answers)))

Uhm interesting comparison, thanks for explaining that 'hedgehog style' :)

Btw, Rosemary, I think you are posting your discussions by mistake in the category of 'Introduce Yourself', instead of 'General Discussions'...

 @ Roman  , thanks for showing  ur point of view 

@ Mary  , :D :D :D   Should  I introduce  myself  as a hedghog  !!!!???  Maybe 

 Should  I introduce  myself  as a hedghog !!!!???

Well, I didn't think about it, but actually it would be very cool Rosemary! XD

Dear Rosemary,,

We are in the same boat, actually. However,, there are a few people that finally close to us. I remember you said in your old post that we must build the gates everywhere.., right? :)

Btw, I should agree with Mary,, Sir Josef make this category for introduction. :)

  I have said  " build ur forts  everywhere  "   thanks for the 2 time dear :)

Yeah, Build fort..... Oh...my memory... :D


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