Why do we scratch our heads when we are confused or perplexed? Some people scratch the side of their noses. In class, when a student is asked about a question and he does not know the answer he begins to scratch his head. We do the same in difficult situations or difficult puzzles. Why do we do it? The brain is up there. Do we ask it to give us the answer or help us with that gesture?    

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Kimon acho Tahmid vai? I really hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your comment, too. Don't forget to send me the friend request. 

Hi dara,

Most of the time our gestures accompany the mood swings.For instance when we don't feel secure we tie our arms.This happens insinctively and regardless any rational reason..On the other hand, maybe while thinking of something  intensely or trying to find an answer for a hard question,scratching head allerts the nerve cells by increasing blood pressure..just a guess in fact..thanks for this discussion.

What a gues,s Ama! That was purely scientific, my dear good lady. Umeed, Svitlana, Darius, Janeth, and some other members referred to that. It is a signal from the brain through the nerves to the scratched area. I really like your comment, but one thing remains, I am hoping to receive the friend request as soon as you can. Thanks, Ama for your nice and logical explanation. 

I have never thought of that :D, but I guess it is like a gesture to give an inderict answer like " I dont know !" ,since some people feel embrassed  to say it directly .

Tamam Ya Samo Yemen! Instead of saying, I don't know, he could do it to avoid embarrassment. Thanks, Samo for your nice and polite answer. 

Actually I have no idea.....but thinking about it......it is usually a nervous, frustrated or puzzled reaction to either not knowing an answer or not being able to remember an answer, or something that is confusing.  Now why we scratch our heads?....no clue.....for sometimes I have seen people wipe their hands on their legs as if to remove perspiration in such situations...….so believe me....anyone's guess would be as good as mine.  I believe it is something done under the stress of the situation......but other than that.  ?????????  Thanks Dara this is a really good question!!!

And that was really, a good answer, moderator Paula. You know something mod. Paula, the logic is always acceptable. Because it goes with the reason. Most members agreed on that gesture as if to beg the brain to support them with something.  So, by rubbing or scratching that area, they tend to do so, remembering or finding the answer. Didn't I tell you moderator Paula, your comments are always needed. Thanks, my dear friend for this useful intervention. 

   This is funny :D  I have never scratched  my head to think   . I am that kind of person where things appears in my eyes  . It's  a nice discussion dara:)

Aabgariyah ya Rosemary, shookrun! You are genius my lady. You are absolutely different from the other respected members. I mean your comment is different. Although forgetfulness is trait of the geniuses.

   Hhhhhhhhh  no  thanks for the compliment 

Ihtramati ya saiydati! All my respect to you, Rosemary. You are welcome.

Dobro bajolovat Olga! You are most welcome my lady. Those gestures can differ a little from one nation to another, as you mentioned in your nice intervention. They are common among many countries. Rubbing the nose could refer to lying or seeking some way out of a critical situation. Rosemary told me the same. She said that she was not familiar with these gestures and she had never used them before. I described her as a genius woman and described my friend, Mr. Darius as a genius man. Thanks, Olga for a very useful intervention.  


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