Why do we scratch our heads when we are confused or perplexed? Some people scratch the side of their noses. In class, when a student is asked about a question and he does not know the answer he begins to scratch his head. We do the same in difficult situations or difficult puzzles. Why do we do it? The brain is up there. Do we ask it to give us the answer or help us with that gesture?    

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Tidak, saya berdoa sholat Zhuhur. Dear Moderator Onee, The idea of that discussion came to me when I finished praying the afternoon prayer. I was doing the counting of some praise to Allah and I forgot. Then I was confused about whether my count was right or wrong, then, I scratched my head.  At that time, the idea came to me to write about that topic.

You are not far from it. Most of the respected members agreed to that, moderator Nadira, Maximus Potato, Svitlana, Janeth, Darius, and Mishaikh. You might say, there is a general consensus about it. Thanks, Onee for your comment on that discussion.

hi dara,i think its a habbit to scratch our head when to remember something.

thanks for your writting.essamu aleyküm.

Walaikum assalam, teacher Ferhan. It is a habit. We all do it. That is agreed upon. Why don't we scratch our necks or ears? By the way, some people do, but most of the time it is the head. Thanks, Ferhan for your nice comment.

hi dara,i think its a habbit to scratch our head when to remember something.

thanks for your writting.essamu aleyküm.

Teskkur ederim, Ferhan! Thanks for your nice comment.

I think because when we don't know the answer we try to strait our brain and this might have pressure over our brain. Also if we pay attention to the meaning it means that we raise our hand so we have surrendered.

Rahmat The top of the world! Most of the members agreed upon that. Lol. The raising of the hand as Mr. Darius mentioned, means hands up. By the way, I do not like to surrender easily. Sometimes I fight hard against my brain to come up with some answer. Thanks, The top of the world for your comment.   

Hi Dara

In Darius comment, no 4 & no 7 are more possible answers.

Khaili mumnoon Saba! How are you and where have you been? You are not online only rarely. I hope you are fine. Yes, I agree with you. Nabiga Darius has nice ideas.  Thanks, Saba for your nice comment. 

i think we must ask apschologist to answer this question. BUT i think it is just unjustified habbit we do it unconsciously 

Tamam ya Abu Humaid! Shookrun! I like your short comment. I suppose you are right, Ahmed. Thank you very much for this useful answer. 

interesting thinking :D


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