Handwritten letters or Text messages/E-mails. Which one do you prefer and why?

In the advent of technology we enjoy everything it has to offer from computers to mobile phones, text messages/emails and a lot more, including drawbacks. Is the art of writing letters lost forever?

Speak up your mind. :)


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today,we see most people choose mobile phones and emails in delivering messages because it is the most convenient way to do so,and it is also cost effective (is it the right word?)..when u send sms or an email to a friend from different part of the world,in just one click away, and viola!she/he already got the message..now come to think of it,writing letters to a friend from foreign country with the use of paper and pen,going through the post office will cost you more than what you expected..and worse,it takes time,.or days rather before she or he read your message..BUT...traditional writing letter is also important for the receiver for he or she can see or feel the emotion/s of the writer..in my case,i prefer receiving a letter that was written by the hand because for me it is sweet and i feel as if im important to that person although i practiced the modern way..but i think its cute...

I think writing a handwritten letters has it's magical personal touch that an email and text don't have. You think ahead of time to prepare the letters because it takes time to send it to the receiver. The sender takes time to write it legibly because he knows his writings shows so much of his personality or feelings at the moment he writes the letter. Then sender anticipate the letters to come, thus creating a suspense feelings to the person expecting it...But much more joy and happiness when one receives an unexpected letter...So if one wants to make his loved one happy and feel special, a handwritten letter could be a lot better choice and ...much more if it's unexpected letter.


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