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Hi Ec friends!!

This is a quiz game (started by our friend Coral) in which players must find out the word given, by asking for clues in every reply (one question per person)

The word given (by the previous winner) can be any; professions, countries, tools, abstract... whatever.

Join us and just enjoy playing!! :)

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So you wanna kill three birds with one stone? Haha... well, since rules haven't been written I'll answer all of them.

1. No. 1.2 no.

2. I couldn't help smiling for this question since you know my taste in this issue but sorry to say it's not Nordic nor European.

3. After replying this one, next participant will have it on hand. O.K. I'd say its trademark is its delightful rum.

Which language do people of that country speak?

Coral said:

Which language do people of that country speak?

Hi Coral,
Spanish with a remarkable funny accent is spoken in this country.

Hi Estanis,

It's gotta be Cuba!

Hehe... Sure Jeffrey. It was so easy this time :)

... and the winner is.... Sir Jeffrey Raven!! (Claps)

Haha.... Again I'm late. But as I know this game... One person should have asked the question one by one.... Eva, you took three at once. loL... 

Cheers, mate!


I'm late too, but I think it's not too easy for me, I don't know a lot about Cuba.

Aaaaa new word, great! And I was sad because i lost the first word!

Ok, here is my question Evangelina:

Is it a mark in the field of food?

Evangelina said:

Well, Carol, Onee, Saba, Sir Jeffrey and Estanis, everyone..here is the first clue for the word:


The rules are, one person can ask one question at the time.

Can I wear the product on my feet? :)

Do we need a certificate own the product? :)

Hey Evan, glad that you keep on with the quiz.
O.k. Here is mine:
Is it a beverage trademark? If so, with or without alcohol?


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