Sometimes, they say, you need it. Do you believe in good luck? What do we mean by luck? Is it our overall circumstances or conditions in life including everything that happens to us? Is it a fortune or fate?

Can we count on it? Or shall we work hard and depend only on that? When we fail to do something we say, bad luck. An 'x' person is rich and happy because he is lucky. Being optimistic, does it help?          


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Actually, I don't believe in Good Luck. In my opinion, everything depends on situations. If you want to get Good Luck in your work or studying you should make every effort to achieve your goals and you shouldn't count on someone who can do your work instead of you . But other things which we can't control maybe depend on our luck. Such as waiting, traveling.... and so on.... Haha. A lottery, of course.
Thank you, dear Dara. Nice discussion.

Shtatsy Svetlana! You are a very hard working lady I guess. You do not believe in luck or depend on it. We have to do our best to reach our goals. I also like that quote, we must not depend or count on anyone to do our work for us.  I have not yet read other members' comments, but I think they share the same opinion. Thanks and good luck, Lana.  

You are welcome, dear Dara, and thank you for your wishes. All the best to you too. :) 

Bud laska Svetlana! I really appreciate your efforts reading and commenting on that discussion. Good luck again Lana!

Bud laska! What a thank you? I really appreciate that, Lana.   

I agree with you opinion great explain Svitlana

Thank you, dear  Mahboob Akhtar

Main bhee, Mahbood Akhtar! Who disagrees with that beautiful lady? 

It's all about our efforts, desires, and faith. But sometimes good luck it is to be in the right place at the right time)))

Udachi Valentine! We have to work hard and do our best to get what we hope for. You share the same idea with the first commentator, Svetlana. Val. is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks, and good luck, Val.

Hi Dara is my opinion of "Luck".  First what is it's meaning?


success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.
"it was just luck that the first kick went in" · [more]
synonyms: good fortune · good luck · success · successfulness · prosperity · [more]
(luck into/onto)
chance to find or acquire.
"he lucked into a disc-jockey job"

So it is success or possibly a failure brought on by chance.  So when we are wishing someone "Good Luck" we are hoping that besides their hard work.......that they will also run into good fortune with their endeavor.  It isn't magic of any kind.  Basically it is what I call "happenstance" meaning a coincidence.  Most likely being in the right place at the right time.  It is by chance only that it happened......that is luck in my opinion.  I don't consider it fate.  I don't believe we can count on such a thing.  But yet.....I guess we all know someone that fell into something good without much effort on their yes....we call them lucky. 


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