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Main tum koo itifaq hai, Kala. I agree with that. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment.

Dara :D

What do you agree with? I am so curious :)

Let me answer on behalf of Dara, with his permission.

He is agreed with what is mentioned in the posted quote, about the start of a struggle and the result of achievement with that struggle are important.  Sometimes it takes time to achieve the goal so a striver may get disappointed.  This quote is encourage to a continued struggle till the goal is achieved, impressing that the beginning of a struggle plays crucial part.

Hope I am vivid in explaining. 

thanks dear Mish,your explanation is very clear and i agree totally..

@ Mishaikh...

well said...this quote gives encouragement to achievers.Thanks for your comment.

ella, he agrees with anything as long as he can be 'one of your friends' :P


True, though.

@ MARY.....

Thanks for your visit and comment.

MARY? ahaha. I think it's part of his unique characteristic :D I have been here around 11 months and I can know a lil bit of members' personality here. And you too, Mary :)

@ Dara......

Thanks for your comment...


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