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@ pint.....

....hardest to do...... nice line...I agree with that.Some people work hard in the beginning and loose heart in the final stage and gave up their goal,unconscious of their position, the edge... in their goal.

Thanks for your nice comment.

correct, success comes with the continuous and non-stop efforts, every effort is important and useful.

@ english speaker......

yes....continuous effort is very very important.Thank you friend..for your comment.

   I agree with u . Things happen gradually   . My people say "  a droplet  after a droplet make a torrent  , a seed after a seed make a kilo " However  , success  is all about seeing the end of the road  , waiting for the final results  and being patient enough to keep trying , a thing some people cant do all the time  , they get frustrated  easily 

             Thanks for sharing  ur wonderful quotation  :)

@ Rose mary...

sooooooooo nice comment.Well said. a seed after a seed make a kilo......i like this lines very much.Thank you friend.

It's absolutely true. But we may give up at the 4th or 5th chance. We don't know that 6th chance will become our high point. 

@ Diah.....

You are right.Everyone do like this.we dont know how far we are.....while we move towards our goal.thanks for your comment

straggle of braking something is lesser than straggle of building that something.

Common Mass....

Thanks for your comment,,,



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