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Koy baat nahi, Mishaikh sahib. Yah aapkee ijazat hain. The permission is all yours, my dear good friend. Thanks for your answer. I hope both Kala and Ella will agree to be my friends. Thanks again.

Thanks for such generous offer,Dara:)

But,as you know, Ella doesn't collect friends,and doesn't like to be collected ;)

Good on you.



Thanks for your comment

@ ella.....

Thanks for your visit and comment.

I agree with the whole statement. We tend to say "A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence." and I strongly believe in that. 

@ Emma.....

I agree with your point of view.To achieve our goal patience and persistence is the must.Thanks for your nice comment.

What am I supposed to do with this ?

Hi Kala! My view point about those words on the picture is: A stone becomes broken by the EACH stroke of hammer. Each stroke is useful. Success is the result of continuous effort AND lots of the other things and obstacles.

@ Roman....

wonderful comment.You elaborate this quote in grand manner.Thank you friend.

So true. I would thanks for the first stroke most as it's the decisive stroke to do the rest and cherish the last stroke because it's the hardest to do.


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