What food you'd never ever try again 'cause you find it disgusting?

(or that you never tried but you will never do)

I'd never ever try candied fruit again.
The only time I did I almost puked :/
It shouldn't have the word 'candy' in its name. It confuses people making believe is something sweet and nice when is just fruit with an awful taste to Satan's vomit... ewwww

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Number 1 of something that is called 'food' but is actually PURE POISON FROM HELL: KETCHUP!!!!! ARGHHGHGHG!!!


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I've never tried that herring but if you say that smells like a toilet and is 'sour'... I think I can put it in my list of 'things I don't wanna try' :D

Thanks for dropping by!

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I never tasted raw oysters...it's really gross! I'm not so brave...lol!! Arghhghghghg

Okay so if this discussion were a poll about the most unpleasant food, I think the oyster would have been at the top #1.  And I agree with that!

Thanks for sharing your 'Arghhhss' :D


Very good as I have some recipe to share with Europeans and Americans!

One of my pen-pals from Asia who had never tried either red or black caviar, proposed me to "cook" it. She was very serious saying she would FRY caviar FOR LONG adding many spices, mixing it with some spicy sauce and serving all that mess with boiled rice!

I tell you I would NEVER try it! It sounds dishausting! It is a CRIME to spoil such a dainty delicious snack! I can only imagine what it might smell or look like!

Of course, I can't find such pictures as no one fries red or black caviar for sure!

Bon appetit, my friends! Brrrrrr!

Ahahahaahahahaaaaah :DDDD

Well, i've never tried 'real' caviar but anyway....ewwwwghghghasglhagshlsdghl!! :D

And that reminds me of these hot beers that are very typical in Belgium, Germany and UK. I dunno, maybe they are good... but just thinkin' about drinking a hot beer makes me want to puke :/

Thanks for sharing your comment and also thanks a lot for not sharing any pic of that! :D

Dear Mary, I have never thought it is possible to meet a European who has never tried caviar. Most probably, I should have told how we eat it before posting my joke. OK, I don't mind doing it now. So, if we buy canned caviar, we just put it on the top of a sandwich. Red caviar tastes perfectly well with white bread and butter while black caviar is usually served on salty crackers. To FRY caviar is the same as to HEAT beer. Although I like muled wine, I would hardly try hot beer!

Thanks for your great humorous blogs!

I've never tried the real caviar made with sturgeon's eggs. First cause it's very expensive, second 'cause that poor fish is an endangered specie and third 'cause... I don't really like the idea of eating fish eggs... eww XD

But ofc, I've tried that cheap black 'caviar' that you can find in supermarkets and that is just a substitute/succedaneum made with seaweeds instead of any fish egg. I can't say I really like, it tastes ok... but I neither would like to try that one fried :P

Interesting! :D



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