What food you'd never ever try again 'cause you find it disgusting?

(or that you never tried but you will never do)

I'd never ever try candied fruit again.
The only time I did I almost puked :/
It shouldn't have the word 'candy' in its name. It confuses people making believe is something sweet and nice when is just fruit with an awful taste to Satan's vomit... ewwww

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Number 1 of something that is called 'food' but is actually PURE POISON FROM HELL: KETCHUP!!!!! ARGHHGHGHG!!!


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Hi Mary!

I am confused now.

Once I tried a fruit, that grows with an insect (if I remember clear it is a fly) inside. And they sell it without taking that insect out. I think, it was a ginger. So, I don't want to taste it again. But it was not too disgusting.

Except that time, I have never tasted insects as a food. And I don't want to taste them. Although I know that some people even like to eat them alive.

But there is one more thing, that most people try to avoid eating it. The Boiled Onion!!!!!!!

And I have never tasted it, but even thinking about it makes me feel disgusted: Fat in Chocolate! (In Ukrainian it is "Salo v Shokoladi" But I think, in English it can be translated as "Fat covered with chocolate".

Roma, you forgot to say about crabs. LOL

As far as I know you are afraid to try them becasue they are scary. :P

Well, not that scary, but I don't want even to try :)

How to persuade you, Roma? Believe me, It is really delicious.

There are no ways to persuade me :)

I just don't even want to try :P

Okay. Okay. It is up to you, Roma. But you lose a lot. :P

Roman is afraid of crabs?

muahaha... then I know what's gonna be my outfit for coming to EC

:D No, I am not afraid of them :) I just don't even want to taste them :D

I am afraid not of crabs, but of eating them. xD


So many ws :D

Uhm, fruit with an insect inside? Well, there you get vitamins + proteins... Two for one XD

Boiled onion doesn't sound very tasty just like that... but depends on how is cooked, if it's only part of the ingredients of a recipe...

Fat covered with chocolate??!! Give me the names of who is ruining chocolate like that!!!! >:/

It is a place, where people eat. Like a small restaurant in my city.

Yes, that onion is a part of soup.

If you want to see it, just copy and paste this in google images: Сало в шоколаді Львів


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