Fill in the gap:

"If I had a dollar (euro, penny, rupee, baht, dinar, ruble, grivna, whatever...) for every time I __________  I would be rich! (or anything else)"


- If I had an euro for every time I promised I'd never be late again... sigh. :((

- If I had an euro for every time Roman asks something, I'd have my own private island.

- If I had an euro for every time I rolled my eyes reading someone's comment on EC, I'd have a yacht for travelling to my own private island.

- If I had an euro for every time I earned an euro, I'd have twice euros...

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*and everytime Mary wins anything...*

Let's! Who's the designated driver?

Not it!

Heh heh!

Seems like some myEC residents are having so much fun on this corner of myEC room! Leave some room for me! I'm joining!

Well... If I had 1$ (Not Rial, of course..ha ha ha) for everytime cat Mary and cute Roman argue, I'd buy a cottage nearby their islands, watch them, and giggled too hard!

More neighbors???!! D:

*jumps off the window*

Btw, I never argue with Roman: He says something and I just explain why he's wrong and why I'm cooler :P

I am angry on you!

But at the same time I can't hold my laughing because of that jumping off the window :D ROFL!

And by the way, I am not wrong:


Mhm, yeah, it's ok if you disagree with me. I can't force you to be right.

I wanted to find a suitable gif to show you the tongue, but there are no suitable gifs in Google for this case. That's why I've decided to show you this thing!

That's so cruel of you :((((

Yes, I can be evil too!


I wish I could add something here, but my imagination and creativity are so limited )), so let me just add a group of cheerleaders ))) to entertain and inspire all the participants )

Thank you for sharing)), I ll be glad to read all the comments on this blog ))


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