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A few months back, I wrote a blog titled "Only In Malaysia (Click here to read)" about some facts that are not well known, quirky and sometimes, totally obscure about my country Malaysia. Some of the facts can be gathered by surfing through the net, but some of the facts are only known by living as a Malaysian. 

Therefore, I would like to request from members in here to share with me some quirky and maybe totally obscure facts about your own Country of which are hard to get from the net. 

Come on!!! .... Lets share some fun facts.

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It's a hard question, but interesting! Let me see...brb [giggling]

Heheheh ⊱ Mickey ⊰ ... I will be waiting.

noas, proverb is match with this picture?

Heheheh Asif Ali Zindani ... I think curiosity of the cats kills the gold fish. LOL

Didn't get it -_-

Hmmm .. it means some fun facts about your country in terms of cultures, foods, or anything that only you as the local knows which maybe outside people or foreigners won't know even if they google it through the net. For example, in my blog, I talked about our eating habits and also some weird names for our foods. Hope I explained it more clearly. :-)

Obscure? uhmmm... The Middle Age in my country was pretty much 'obscure', but not 'fun' at all.
Anyway, I guess you mean nowadays? mmmmm... it's hard to tell which things I see everyday might be a curious/weird fun thing for a foreigner... Okay, today my brain is in 'slow-loading' mode, so I'll come back to reply if something comes to my mind! Sorry Noas! :D

Btw, it's a cool topic!


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