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which is more inportant?

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Friendship is like an Iron chain

Love is like Electric cable

Both are important but it is up to you to prioritize them :-)

Don't regret after taking any decision :-)
Both of them if they are in true way
Both of them if they are in true way

Both are important as breath and beat of the heart.

Each one has an equally important role in their respective field.

We can't judge and presume that one is major than other.

It is hypothetical when someone asks you which is utmost important either heart or breath. 

Most of the people may answer "heart" is the core but it will work only it takes oxygen.

Friendship is always nice like a spring but love has up and downs like winter and rainy.

If a person lost his/her friendship with someone he/she may recover but it is hard to recover from love.

We can easily swim in the peaceful river (friendship). But it is impossible to do in a great ocean called love.

Still, people are swimming in that ocean and feeling pleasure. They equally welcoming the sweet and sour at the same without any change.

love may miss you when you are in a crowd but friendship always cheers and wake up like a morning dew. 

Probably it is high voltage direct current.It can't leave

Roy said:

Friendship is like an Iron chain

Love is like Electric cable

They are indeed. In fact, friendship is the starting step for love.
Nice pic.

I love you van tang for choosing this topic,

In my veiw, both of them are important...

COZ, there is love in friendship...

and there is love in love....

Do you see any different...





Lovers live together while friends die together.

True love is friendship and true friendship is love.

A big topic! I think I have no qualification to judge them.


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