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which is more inportant?

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Both of them!

i agree.

We need both of them. The most important thing is don't lose yourself as you are in a friendship or in love.

your question is clear, either love or friendship. I think friendship is more important

than love because your heart doesn't expand but for one person while you can

 create thousands of friendship.

i'd rather appreciate friendship than love. love can ruin everything if you are unable to control your love. most of us can't control our love, we can't spare our time if we are in love to somebody. i've had it enough, a lot of my closest friends have gone because of love, they can hardly spare their time to meet up and hang out together. if you have them promise you to meet up, they  will forget it.

i always put friendship above everything, because i can live without love but i can't without friendship.

friendship needs love to make it strong.. and love needs friendship to understand each other.. hehe ^ ^

I love you van tang for choosing this topic,

In my veiw, both of them are important...

COZ, there is love in friendship...

and there is love in love....

Do you see any different...





 i thik both are equally important. However when betrayed by love you need freind & when you have a friend you want love.

I like your thinking...




Friendship Cuz friendship can end with love but love never end with friendship :(

Friendship usually can last forever unlike love when it is gone, everything is over. Depends on the priorities. Love gives us more but friends will be friends.


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