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Hello, Ladies!

You’re invited to a conversation group I’m hosting.  :-)

Over Skype, we’ll introduce ourselves and then focus on the topic of Life Change. Please think of 3 moments or events that changed your life in some way.* We’ll take turns telling stories and trying to ask each other questions. Throughout the conversation, I’ll help with pronunciation and word choice to help everyone become a more natural English speaker. (I’m a native English speaker, a professional ESL teacher in the U.S., and I love having conversations with people from all over the world!) We’ll video chat on Wednesday, June 27, at 15:00 GMT. (Need a time converter? This link may be helpful: https://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_UTC.aspx.) You can find me at Heather ESL.

Hope to talk with you!


*The moment/event can be good or bad; the life change that resulted can be small or big. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm. Certainly feel free to think of other ideas.
• A conversation you had with someone that changed your career direction
• The day/year your family changed
• The moment you had an idea
• Completing something, like your degree
• The moment you realized something important about yourself or a situation
• The time you didn’t get what you wanted, but in the end, you realize you got something better
• A medical diagnosis
• Meeting someone who enriched your life
• Having a mentor who guided you

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Hi Heather,
My name is Tina from Vietnam. I am so interested in this opportunity which you created for all of us and thank so much for your kindness to host this discussio. May you add me in this discussion with my skype is nt2509. It would be a very happy moment to get to know others around the world and their experiences.

Hi Tina,

I've added you on Skype.  :-)

Talk to you soon,


Hi Heather, I'm Lindia from France.  I would like to join also, is it still possible to add more member?

Add me please 

Hi Heather,

my name  is mariam from Morocco can you add me in this discussion  my skype is mariam.mariam434

i'm sorry .

i'm not a woman and i'm not here for dating.
i just want to find english partner to maintain my fluency.

it's so hard to find people who really want to speak .

my skype : ibrail5



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